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Hermes Birkin Faubourg Bag Reference Guide

Hermes Birkin Faubourg Bag Reference Guide

The Faubourg Birkin, also known as a 'House Birkin' debuted in 2019, when Hermes introduced a limited edition of a well-established staple to honor the architectural legacy of its iconic flagship store on Rue Faubourg. In the blink of an eye this purse, which recreated a 3-D effect of the Parisian storefront with five different leathers, was spotted on the major A-listers and as the word spread out, the demand surged accordingly.

To highlight Hermes' impeccable craftsmanship, the Faubourg Birkin uses a variety of leathers, including the most expensive exotics. The purse features a matte alligator flap that atop Madame calfskin body, decorated with Swift window frames with Palladium hardware. The House used its iconic orange color to accentuate the awnings of the windows.

2019: Day and Night Hermes Faubourg Birkin Bags

In summary, when it comes to Faubourg Birkins, there are only 4 color combinations.

As first, Hermes released two versions of the purse, referred to as Day and Night. Both were only released in size 20 and in Sellier construction.


hermes faubourg croco limited day chocolate hermes faubourg night blue 


Day Faubourg is crafted in pleasing chocolate/orange tones, featuring Ebene Matte Alligator flap, Gold Madame leather and Brulee and Ebene Sombrero leather used for trims and base. The flap opens to a matching gold chèvre lining.

Night Faubourg features cooler blue tones, with Blue Marine alligator, Deep Blue Madame and Blue Obscur/Indigo Sombrero leather colorway.

2021: Midnight and Snow Hermes Faubourg Birkin Bags

In 2021, two more versions of of the Faubourg Birkin were introduced: Midnight (Minuit) and Snow (Neige).

 hermes birkin faubourg so black alligator hermes faubourg birkin white 20


The Midnight edition, officially referred to as Hermès Sac Faubourg Birkin So Black Matte Alligator Black Hardware, is almost all black, featuring PVD so black hardware, black Matte Alligator, Madame and Sombrero leather with bright yellow and orange accents in Swift.

The Snow Birkin is the most special edition, since it's the body and not the flap, which is made of Alligator. With the flap in White Togo, and its body crafted of Matte Alligator and Blue Brume Chevre frosty windows, this purse is considered to be the most expensive and luxurious versions of the Faubourg Birkins.


Hermes Birkin Faubourg Price Guide

Hermes Faubourg Birkin bag retails for $30,000-48,000, which of course is no reference when it comes to secondhand market. Due to its rare nature an even more limited availability paired with ever-increasing demand, the Birkin Faubourg has displaced the Himalaya Birkin off the top of the most expensive Hermes handbags.

For instance, in 2021, Sotheby's sold an Hermès Day Faubourg Birkin for $180,190 in Hong Kong and Night Faubourg Birkin for $167,000. One of the Snow Faubourg Birkins sold for nearly $400,000 in early 2022 via private sale, another one was sold via Saclab for 265,000 EUR. Overall, the Snow Faubourg remains the most craved for and, thus, the most expensive.

Birkin Measurements Retail Resale (known)
Hermes Faubourg Birkin Day 20  8"W x 6"H x 4D; 2" handle drop  $30,000 from $180,000
Hermes Faubourg Birkin Night 20 8"W x 6"H x 4D; 2" handle drop  $30,000 from $167,000
Hermes Faubourg Birkin White Snow/Neige 20 8"W x 6"H x 4D; 2" handle drop  $48,000 $250,000 - $400,000


The VIP Birkin Bag

While Hermes has established Birkin as a symbol of luxury in its essence, Hermes Fauborg is a VIP version of that premium bag. In other words, it's the most expensive and rarest Birkin bag. In just a few years, it has become the most sought-after handbag for Hermes collectors.

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