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How To Dress Up Your Bag: The Best Designer Bag Accessories

How To Dress Up Your Bag: The Best Designer Bag Accessories

Have you ever dreamed of having so many purses that they could match any outfit? Well, I have! My collection of luxury bags is pretty big, and yet I always crave for more. However, each time I feel a desire to change, I prefer giving a new life to an old item instead of buying a new one. Nothing is impossible with the best designer bag accessories! Do you want to see the most stylish ways to dress up your bag?

A little warning, though: this activity is highly addictive! Once you wake up your inner designer and start decorating bags, the process will fully absorb you.

In this article I will reveal 5 absolutely different elements that will turn any purse, even basic and plain, into an original accessory! Play with designs, experiment with styles and be unique.

Let's get started!



The Best Designer Bag Accessories: Shoulder Straps

How To Dress Up Your Bag: The Best Designer Bag Accessories Shoulder Straps

I want to start with the most common element that can be used for the majority of crossbody bags. No need to explain the necessity of shoulder straps in the life of a modern woman (who always has her hands full trying to carry a coffee mug, a smartphone, or a book)! This accessory allows us to free our hands for more important things. Luckily, it's a detachable element, so why not play with different straps to express your mood?

Most luxury fashion houses, like Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Gucci, but especially Dior, offer shoulder straps of various length, width, color, material and style! Regardless of the brand, straps have snap hooks on both ends, so fashionistas won't face any problems with personalizing their luxury purses. True fans of luxury fashion sometimes even mix different brands and can add, for example, add A Dior strap to a Louis Vuitton bag. Looks funky!

How To Dress Up Your Bag: The Best Designer Bag Accessories Should Straps

To prove that straps are truly essential players in the luxury fashion world, let me just mention that in the recent Christian Dior price increase 2021 the prices for straps were raised separately by $100. If you would like to know about prices increases of other brands, read about Louis Vuitton Increases Prices Worldwide in January 2021 and How Much Is Chanel Now After January 2021 Price Increase in the USA?



The Best Designer Bag Accessories: Charms

How To Dress Up Your Bag: The Best Designer Bag Accessories Bag charms

The first thing that comes to mind when I hear about this element are iconic D.I.O.R. charms of legendary Lady Dior. If you adore this bag as much as I do, be sure to check this Lady Dior Ultimate Reference Giude. However, if you don't own this chic purse, there are hundreds of other way to embellish yours with charms!

I personally consider them one of the best designer bag accessories that might change the whole look of any popular purse. The most interesting fact is that you can find all kinds of charms: there are Xmas, Valentine's and classical versions made of metal, leather or fur.

Louis Vuitton is the leader of luxury bag charms, there are more than 100 items listed on the official website. However, don't get your hopes up: some of them are available only in stores.

Here's my selection of the most interesting designer charms:

  • Hermes Orange bag. Soft leather accessory looking exactly like a miniature purse. A bright color will look gorgeous on the dark background. A good alternative to the classical popular Rodeo charm
  • Hermes Paddock Fer A Cheval. Need some luck? This charm is for you then. A horseshoe made of soft calfskin leather (available in 7 colors) is an eye-catching element.
  • LV Speedy bag. Trendy color and legendary silhouette will be a great addition to your basic purse this spring.
  • LV Kirigami Pouch. Simply a classic: significant Monogram canvas and envelope shape will be a great addition.

Can you imagine a more adorable way to dress up your bag?



The Best Designer Bag Accessories: Bandeaus and Twillies

How To Dress Up Your Bag: The Best Designer Bag Accessories Louis Vuitton Bandeau

You might have seen thousands of pictures on Instagram or Pinterest with bandeaus and twillies wrapped around handles or a flap closure. No wonder, there are always in style! Almost every brand offers versatile items to personalize your purse: Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Dior, Gucci.

What's the difference between them? They are both made of silk and look like a narrow strip of fabric. Different brands use different terms: for example, Louis Vuitton has only bandeaus on their website while Hermes uses the term "twilly". Besides, a bandeau is usually shorter and wider than a twilly. 

How To Dress Up Your Bag: The Best Designer Bag Accessories Hermes Twilly


Twillies and bandeaus are without doubt the best designer bag accessories! Two people with the same purse and twilly might create two completely different designs, and as a result, be unique and original. The number of ways and techniques to tie and wrap these thin scarfs are almost endless. And with multiple inspirational photos on the Internet and tutorials on YouTube you will be able to give an impression of a different outfit every day (even if you have just one bag!).

Another great thing I like about them is a vast choice of options, colors and styles that make it almost impossible to choose only one.



The Best Designer Bag Accessories: Bag Chains

How To Dress Up Your Bag: The Best Designer Bag Accessories Bag chains

Want to give your purse a Chanel treatment? Decorate it with a chain! After all, the most iconic bags of this fashion house come with a chain strap. Check out our video to see a detailed comparison of the three iconic Chanel purses!

How to dress up your bag with a high quality chain? Choose the most suitable accessory and adorn your favorite purse. This is a universal element that looks good with light and dark hues, small and big purses. Keep in mind, though, that chains add some weight to the purse. My recommendation - avoid placing them on bulky and heavy bags, especially if you carry a lot of belongings with you. 



The Best Designer Bag Accessories: Round Coin Purses

How To Dress Up Your Bag: The Best Designer Bag Accessories Round Coin Purse

Round coin purses are not just an accessory on its own but a nice way to decorate your purse. A stylish way to carry a coin purse is to attach it to a handle! Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Dior and many other fashion houses have created these tiny beauties combining high-quality and commodity.

How To Dress Up Your Bag: The Best Designer Bag Accessories Louis Vuitton Heart Coin Purse

Most of them resemble the iconic silhouettes of most sought-after models. Whether you choose the classical GG Marmont style looking exactly like the bag or the LV Crafty version that adds to the playful look, you won't be disappointed. Moreover, there's no need to limit yourself with round shape! Choose between cube, square, diamond or even heart-shaped coin purse to dress up your bag.




A personal style deserves the same amount of attention as any other aspect of our life. If you want to stand out from the crowd of alike luxury purses or give a new meaning to a familiar pattern, think of adding one of the best designer bag accessories to express your individuality. Luckily, the choice is so huge that even a couple of items will help you make an unforgettable impression. Chains, charms, new shoulder straps or twillies - how do you prefer to dress up your bag today?


You can also find all of these designer bag accessories pre-loved. But, please, be especially careful when shopping pre-owned. Despite the relatively low price, some second-hand websites might still offer you a fake! We, at Bagaholic, sell only 100% authentic products and can help you with authentication



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