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louis vuitton patina

[GUIDE] How to Nicely Patina Your Louis Vuitton Bag

The iconic Louis Vuitton bags, such as Speedy and Keepall, feature yellow leather handles. On the new bags, though, the leather is baby pink. Let's dive into what Louis Vuitton patina is and how to patina your bag's handles.

What is Louis Vuitton Patina?

The term "Louis Vuitton Patina" refers to the natural aging of the Louis Vuitton bag, which suggests the color change of the vachetta cowhide trim and handles, rather than a new model or canvas pattern. Over time, exposure to the sun, weather, oxidation, oil on hands, and dirt cause changes from a pale beige to a honey, deeper brown, and eventually a dark patina. This change is unavoidable but results in an improved appearance as the bag molds to the owner's lifestyle.

Louis Vuitton Patina offers several advantages over new bags, including the fact that it proves the bag's authenticity because cheap fakes always feature a light beige "cowhide" trim and handle that do not darken. Moreover, some Louis Vuitton bags look their best only when their vachetta has patinaed. To ensure proper patina development, fashionistas should store their bags in their original Louis Vuitton or Luxity dustbags, avoid direct sunlight and keep water away from the bag.

In summary, a Louis Vuitton Patina is a natural and desirable feature of the brand's bags. It is the result of the vachetta cowhide trim and handles changing color over time because of exposure to the environment, and it indicates authenticity while also improving the bag's appearance. Patina can be achieved by following the proper storage guidelines, avoiding direct sunlight and water, and embracing the natural aging process of the bag.

Why Patina Louis Vuitton Leather

There are two types of Louis Vuitton lovers.

Some people hate the yellowish patina an want to maintain their Louis Vuitton purse's baby pink leather for as long as possible.

The other type of Louis Vuitton lovers appreciate the elegant look of patina handles. Even when they purchase a brand new Louis Vuitton bag, they try to darken the handles to the honey color as soon as possible.

We're going to look at how to patina the handles further.


How to Make Louis Vuitton Patina Faster?

The darkening of the handles reflects the natural aging process of the leather. So basically, you have to wear it and wait.

Yet let's stop for a moment and analyze what happens as we wear the bag.

As Louis Vuitton vachetta leather doesn't have any surface coating, the leather soaks in grease and dirt from our hands. With time, it becomes darker.

If you want to quicken the process, you might use mink's oil.

how to patina louis vuitton leather

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Here's how you can make Louis Vuitton patina faster:

1. Take a cotton disk and apply a reasonable amount of mink oil.

2. Apply the mink oil to all leather parts, trying to distribute it evenly on the leather surface. The leather will get very dark, but don't worry. It will lighten as the leather soaks out.

3. Leave the bag for 24-48 hours to dry

3. Apply another coat of mink oil if necessary.

Basically, you can also trying to do the same with olive oil, just work carefully to avoid applying too much oil because it can grease stains inside the bag.


Let us know in the comments how you patina Louis Vuitton bags at home.


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