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Louis Vuitton SD date code

Louis Vuitton SD date code

To authenticate a Louis Vuitton purse, you always need to take a look at the date code provided it's present.

Louis Vuitton date code is a sequence of letters and numbers that indicate when and where the item was manufactured. Every Louis Vuitton item released between early 1980s and 2021 has a date code, which includes two letters and 4 digits. 

A lot of people are confused by SD date code, which is seen on items manufactured in the US and France. So, which country does this date code stand for?

An SD date code means that the item was manufactured either in France or in USA. 

All items manufactured before 1995 were made in France. In 1995 a Louis Vuitton manufacture was opened in California, and the SD became a US date code since then.

For instance, a SD2125 date code means that the item was produced in the USA in 2015, while a SD0913 date code belongs to an item made in France in 1993.

Read more on Louis Vuitton date codes in our guide.

If your purse has this type of date code, don't hesitate to authenticate with a handbag authentication service.



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