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How To Become a Luxury Handbag Reseller Online Course - PART 2

Are luxury handbags your passion?

Stop being ashamed of being a bag addict – embrace it by making scrolling your Instagram feed admiring other’s bag collections from your guilty pleasure to a profitable business - no matter how bad the economy is.

Imagine being able to transform your guilty pleasure into a highly profitable business that can serve as a ​second income stream​ and nets you ​3​, ​4​, or even ​5 figures on a monthly basis... 

Right now, there’s a ​massive opportunity ​for wealth through the luxury secondhand market, which is great news, especially for those who have passion sprees for indulging in fashion wear!


How To Invest in Luxury Handbags - PART 2 Includes:

  • 2 hours 25 minutes of on-demand videos
  • 8 lessons
  • 8 downloadable materials
  • Certificate of completion



This is the second part out of 3 parts of the course. This part contains modules listed below:




Module 3:

Authentication & Verification 


  • Learn how to tell the real from the fake and avoid buying replicas.

  • While you won’t become a professional authenticator, you’ll learn authentication techniques and the basics that will allow you to save money on many deals and avoid losing money on fake replicas.

  • Obtain an extensive list of trusted authenticators for every luxury brand. 
  • Introduction to Authenticating Luxury Handbags
  • General Authentication Principles
  • Authentication Myths
  • 2 Ways to Authenticate
  • Expert Authentication
  • Device-Based Authentication
  • Device-Based Authentication Example
  • Typical Scams and How to Stay Protected

Module 4:

Purchasing For Maximum Effect, Scam-Free!


  • Find secret places and spots to get the best deals and learn the buying process.

  • Learn which suppliers and vendors are favorable to work with, and know which ones to specifically avoid.

  • Get techniques on how to negotiate prices even if sales aren’t your thing, and with a powerful list of questions created just for you, you’re able to know what to ask sellers to ensure authenticity on all the products, while always ensuring the best deals possible

  • Introduction to Purchasing Preloved Items
  • Specifics of Purchasing Preloved Items
  • Finding The Best Suppliers
  • Ask Your Seller This To Avoid Scams
  • Can You Buy a Fake From a Reputable Seller
  • How To Negotiate Pricing If You Hate Negotiating


Select the option which is right for you:

  • Online course (no support): we'll provide access to the course but there's no support
  • Online course (support included): we'll provide access and you'll have a personal manager via WhatsApp to ask any questions


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