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Authentication Certificate #10725

November 8, 2023
To: Luke Edelman
Authenticated by Anastasiya Bagaholic
We have carefully reviewed the pictures of the item that you sent us. Based on those pictures, which included those presented below, we came to the conclusion that in our opinion this Louis Vuitton bag with the date code VI891 is Authentic.

 Bagaholic is an independent authentication service that renders opinions on the authenticity of Louis Vuitton / Gucci / Dior handbags and is not affiliated with or sponsored by or certified by Louis Vuitton or Gucci. The opinions rendered by Bagaholic are my personal opinions and are based on my knowledge of Louis Vuitton / Gucci / Dior handbags from over 10 years collecting, buying, and studying them. I make every effort to ensure that my opinions are accurate. Please note that the accuracy of an opinion for a newer microchip Louis Vuitton / Chanel bags is 95%. Clients agree to release each of Bagaholic employees and me from any liability whatsoever and to defend, indemnify and hold each of Bagaholic and me harmless from and against any loss, damage or claim, arising out of, based upon or resulting from any opinion rendered by either of us with respect to Louis Vuitton / Gucci / Dior items.