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Luxury Resale: How To Become a Luxury Bag Seller Online Course

Discover How You Can Start A Profitable Luxury Bag Resale Business In Just 90 Days 

start a luxury reselling business

Stop being ashamed of being a bag addict – embrace it by making scrolling your Instagram feed admiring other’s bag collections from your guilty pleasure to a profitable business - no matter how bad the economy is.

Imagine being able to transform your guilty pleasure into a highly profitable designer bag resale business that can serve as a ​second income stream​ and nets you ​3​, ​4​, or even ​5 figures on a monthly basis...

Right now, there’s a ​massive opportunity ​for wealth through the luxury items resale, which is great news, especially for those who have passion sprees for indulging in fashion wear!

Does that Sound Familiar?

  • You're in love with designer bags but don't want to risk your hard-earned money and purchase something you won't be able to sell later
  • You're not sure which brands, handbags, or collections bring the best profits
  • You're not aware of where to purchase luxury bags for resale and how to purchase safely
  • You're not sure where to find buyers and how to scale sales so that your passion turns into a full-time business


But What If You Could...

  • Make $1,000 extra profit next month by reselling just one purse because you know exactly what to purchase at at which price?
  • Learn a strategy how to start selling with 0 subscribers and no testimonials
  • Understand how to approach this market safely and avoid scams?
  • Learn where to purchase preloved designer items for maximum profits?
  • How to negotiate prices when purchasing your items even if you hate the process?
  • Get the exact list platforms where to sell the items, and hacks on how to sell more!


I’m here to help you make the process ​10x easier ​and ​much more profitable.

My name’s Ana, and I’ve been in the luxury reselling business for 10+ years. My secondhand market selling experience ranges from luxury buyers in the US, and stretches internationally throughout multiple countries and have earned me over $500,000.

Having worked alongside some of the top names in the fashion industry such as ​Louis Vuitton​, Chanel​, and ​Hermes​, I have accumulated expertise and hold mastery over every aspect of luxury bags resale.

Now, I’m bringing my many years of knowledge to the table and ​helping you succeed​ in your reselling business, giving you ​step-by-step guidance​ on how to turn ​your passion ​ into a complete business model.

I’ve put together this course that will teach you exactly how to turn timeless luxury handbags into an online business empire that will allow you to ​make money​ from practically ​anywhere in the world.

Why Choose​ ​'How To Become a Luxury Handbag Reseller'?

In this course, you will discover everything on designer bag resale:


  • How to turn ​scrolling through Instagram​ into a ​fully profitable business.
  • A ​secret method​ to ​making 4-figures ​ & ​beyond ​in addition ​to your ​main income.
  • How to ​leverage selling products​ you’re passionate about ​regardless of the economy.
  • Exactly how to ​approach the second-hand market​ with strategies and shortcuts that ​will put you ahead of the game.


By the end of this course you will ​fully understand​ the world of the luxury bag resale​— how to ​create listings​ that sell on multiple social media platforms, how to effectively ​re-sell​ and ​set prices on your handbags, where to ​selectively purchase​ particular handbags, ​which brand names​ to aim for, ​which suppliers​ ​& vendors​ ​are favorable to work with, ​key details​ to look out for ​​to ensure the items are legitimate, ​powerful marketing strategies​ to find your ideal buyers, and much, much more!

What's more, you just have the strategies that work in purchasing and reselling high-ticket designer items.

Here’s just the tip of the iceberg of what you’ll learn inside:

Build Confidence While Saving Yourself Thousands

Any mistake in the luxury handbag reselling business can easily cost you anywhere from $500 or more.

That’s why this course will help you gain ultimate confidence in reselling handbags without having to worry about purchasing fakes or feeling as if you don’t know what sells or what doesn’t.

Not only will it teach you how to avoid costly mistakes, but it will also skyrocket your confidence in gauging the market and knowing which deals to search for.

Exclusive Knowledge Used By Professionals In The Industry

This course is one of a kind. People who have this knowledge usually don’t share it with anyone unless they’re already earning money from it themselves. It’s “insider knowledge”, you could say.

In this powerful 8-week program, you will unlock selling secrets and exclusive information on how to turn luxury handbag research into a stable business you can own.

You will learn​ how, where, and when to purchase the perfect handbags that resell for incredible prices and give massive margins of profit you’re able to take home.


Make This Course’s Money Back In 1 Month Or Less

It only takes you a total of 10 items to resell with $50 margins for this entire course to pay for itself. And after learning all I have to teach you in this course, 10 items is the ​very ​least​ you’ll be selling. You’re provided with the knowledge to sell up to ​hundreds, ​and ​up to thousands ​ of products to hungry buyers. With how much you’ll be earning, this course is practically FREE!


90 Days for You to Certify

Convenient online learning will fit your busy schedule. You can complete all the assignments and get certified as a professional luxury handbag seller in ​90 days or less.


Non-Country Specific


You may be learning from the USA, Australia, Singapore or Europe, the core principles of the handbag luxury business all remain the same across countries meaning you can do this anywhere.


Are You Ready to Start Your Preloved Luxury Handbag Reselling Business?


The pre-owned luxury goods and handbag market is rapidly growing day by day and​ shows no signs of slowing down ​ any time soon.

If you’re ready to acquire the necessary skills to leverage the highly profitable luxury handbag reselling market, ​now’s the time to act.

For a limited time only, I’m offering the first week of this course that gets you started in running your own profitable luxury resale business, ​a ​$2,000 value​ for only ​$499​.

You’ll Either:

  • Find the first week of this course to be extremely valuable or
  • Receive a full refund immediately on your order as an apology for wasting your time.

I’m absolutely confident that this is the right choice for you if you’ve made it up to this point

Are there other companies you know of that would do this for you?

Absolutely none! (I checked.)

If you feel like this is right for you, what are you waiting for?

Click below and let's take you on a journey to making ​massive sums of money.

It's Time to Turn Your Handbag Obsession Into A 5-Figures Or Higher Highly Profitable Reselling Business.

Course Contents


An Introduction & First Steps Into The Waters 


  • After researching the market, fall madly in love with the process of selling luxury handbags (it’s inevitable!). You’ll realize just how much money can be made, and you’ll begin to want more and more.
  • That’s a good thing, because this market is a massively lucrative opportunity for you to tap into.
  • Overcome all your limiting beliefs in business, and unleash your true passion for luxury reselling.
  • Learn how you can start your journey from scratch - even with minimal amounts of investment, and still turn your venture into a powerful business! 



Hit Those Sweet Spots! 


  • Attain a deep understanding of the sweetest spots within the luxury market: specific brands to target, precise segments and unique handbags that are proven to be excellent investments in the long run.
  • Learn all about how pricing works in the world of luxury handbags, and how you can use it to your advantage and to precisely determine which price to purchase, list, and sell at. 


PART 2: Authentication & Verification 


  • Learn how to tell the real from the fake and avoid buying replicas.
  • While you won’t become a professional authenticator, you’ll learn authentication techniques and the basics that will allow you to save money on many deals and avoid losing money on fake replicas.
  • Obtain an extensive list of trusted authenticators for every luxury brand. 


PART 2: Purchasing For Maximum Effect


  • Find secret places and spots to get the best deals and learn the buying process.
  • Learn which suppliers and vendors are favorable to work with, and know which ones to specifically avoid.
  • Know which brands are currently trending and highly sought after in the fashion world, and leverage that knowledge to your advantage over all your competitors.
  • Get techniques on how to negotiate prices even if sales isn’t your thing, and with a powerful list of questions created just for you, you’re able to know what to ask sellers to ensure authenticity on all the products, while always ensuring the best deals possible. 


Exactly What To Do Before Selling


  • Learn easy tricks to exponentially boost the value of your items from 10% to 40% in the long-term, and create an ultra-persuasive description that sets you apart from the competitors in order to ensure your products instantly sell.
  • Understand how to properly sanitize, clean, and maintain all your luxury handbags before selling and listing them out in the market (because nobody wants to buy a dirty handbag, right?).
  • You’ll obtain knowledge on the proper equipment needed for the best product photography, which lighting is best, how to snap the perfect angles on all your photos. 


PART 3: Sales Secrets That You’ll Leverage To Always Make A Bargain


  • Get a massive shortcut to learning sales and generating target leads so you can get your first results FAST!
  • Successfully find out how you can utilize specific selling strategies to always make a great return and learn how to pinpoint which marketplaces are best for you to thrive in.
  • Learn a proven method to ensure you stand out against other sellers, minimizing your competition and effectively selling without any prior leads. 


PART 3: Marketing And Branding To Establish An Online Presence
  • Time to learn a couple efficient marketing tricks to hold an edge in the market. 
  • Understand which social media hub to choose from among the many platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, and Tik Tok in order to effectively optimize your listings for massive sales numbers.
  • Learn how to market without wasting away any capital on the things that don’t work, make use of business branding to establish a trusted presence of authority towards your buyers, and focus primarily on the marketing strategies that are advantageous to your business. 
  • Get a 30-day zero dollar marketing strategy that has brought resellers in 3 different countries over $1,000,000!


PART 3: Scaling To 4, 5, & 6 Figures Or Beyond


  • When do you outsource and hire employees and which tasks should you delegate first?
  • How do you go about hiring your first employees and what are the prerequisites? 
  • You will learn how to double your sales numbers every month without ever dropping your price, ensuring your margins stay sweet and in your favor! 
  • This final week gives you everything you need to grow a digital team via outsourcing and shows you exactly how to create a sustainable cash flow model for life.



How Much is the Course?

At the moment, you can purchase the whole course for just $499.

That may seem expensive, especially if you don't have the upfront investment.

However, if after the course you purchase the right bag and then resell it, it might pay off the course. It's that simple.

It's also important that purchasing the wrong item might cost you much more than $499. I lost over $4,000 because sellers scammed me. I lost over $6,000 because buyers scammed me (yes, your buyers can also scam you).

I know the course is worth much more, because every piece of information is gathered through a painful path of trial and error.

Interested In Becoming A Luxury Handbag Reseller and Earning from $2,000/month?

Check out my exclusive course on designer bag reselling below.

If you want to take advantage of the mistakes I made during my first 10 years as a luxury handbag reseller, check out the How To be a Luxury Handbag Reseller course. It contains everything you need to know, from the sweetest spots on the market that will generally make you +50% compared to the items you might be reselling now, and ending with a $0 marketing strategy that earned me over $500,000.

This on-demand course is divided into 3 parts. You are free to take the whole course or its part.

  • PART 1: market overview, picking the brands and handbags that have from 25% to 100% margin.
  • PART 2: where to purchase designer bags for maximum profit, learning how to avoid scams that drag your revenue down
  • PART 3: a $0 marketing strategy that allowed me to earn $500,000 + where to sell for maximum profit

Choose from the options below and I'll be excited to see you there!




What's included in this course?


Every part of the course includes the following

  • on-demand videos
  • downloads (checklists, tips, workbooks)
  • assignments


Who is the coach?

I'll be teaching this course myself. I've been in the luxury reselling business for 6 years. I've been selling mostly in the US but also worldwide. I'm specializing in selling Louis Vuitton handbags, however, I also have great experience with Chanel and Hermes.


When does the course start?

As this is an online course, you can start anytime. You'll receive the first email within 24 hours from your purchase.


Do I need to have a start capital?

It's not necessary but if you have at least $1,000-2,000, you'll benefit more from the course the most.


Can I ask questions during the course?

Of course, our team will be ready to answer your questions on business days. The turnaround time is 24 hours.


Will there be any assignments?

Yes, you'll get an assignment each week. We recommend you to complete each assignment during the week, however, you can also complete it later.


Do I get certified?

Yes. If you complete all the assignments within 90 days, then you get a certificate of completion.


I have another question!​

Click the Messenger icon and ask us!