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How to Become a Luxury Handbag Reseller - PART 3

Get a Set of Marketing Tricks that Has Brought Me Over $500,000 in Sales Worldwide With $0 Invested in Marketing

Whether you’re a beginner or a acting reseller, this system will help you to increase the number of new leads, your conversion, and ultimately drive more sales using growth hacks that cost almost nothing to implement and try AND were tested by other resellers.

Starting a business is hard. You have a handful of tasks and associated risks, everything costs money and you’re overwhelmed.


This course will help you if:

  • You want to test the designer bag resale without spending top dollar on it
  • You want to take your designer handbag hobby to the next level
  • You’re looking for growth hacks with little to no ad budget
  • You’re wondering about proven sales strategies that worked for dozens of people in your niche and can work for you too!
  • You’re overwhelmed with marketing channels and wonder what definitely works
  • You want to save time, effort, and money by knowing the bumpy road ahead of you, and issues that other people ran into and avoid the mistakes
  • You want to be aware about all the pitfalls of this niche and avoid them

You’ll learn:

  • How to be unique and stand out from the competition even though you’re selling the same handbags
  • How to mitigate one of the main risks in the niche: trademark infringement
  • What are the most popular scams in the niche and how to avoid losing money (at least $5,000 in your savings)
  • What are the marketing channels with the best ROI in the niche
  • Ready-to-use well-researched content plan of 6000 blog topics that will convert your visitors into buyers
  • How to build a strong funnel that will inevitable bring leads every month
  • BONUS: A proven way for luxury handbag resellers to get their first real 100 subscribers on Instagram and increase this number every month!
  • BONUS: Cracking YouTube success code (what you need to do right now to get your first 100 YouTube subscribers)


Course Program

Level: beginner

What you're getting:

  • 3 hours of on-demand videos with lifetime access
  • 5 quizzes after each section
  • 5 cheat sheets that you can use 

In addition, you're getting the most up-to-date information on what marketing tools actually work in this niche.


About Me

I'm Ana, founder of Bagaholic, an authentication company, and Vandenic, a full-scale marketing agency. I've a been a designer handbag reseller and built a pretty successful business that got me to travel around 45 countries living my dream life.


small business owner 


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