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Payment plans

Here are the FAQs associated with payment plans.


Can I buy your items on payment plan?

Yes, each of our items can be purchased on a payment plan.


How does your payment plan work?

Our payment plans require plus $50 to the total price and a 20% non-refundable deposit. The deposit counts towards the total price and the rest is divided by 10 weeks.


  • An item is listed on our website for $999
  • On payment plan the total price would be $1049
  • The deposit would be $210 (20%)
  • Weekly payment is $84 (($1049-$210)/10)


I need a longer payment plan!

We can do a longer payment plan if needed. Let us know how long you need and we'll talk!


Why is there a surcharge for payment plans?

As our main currency is not USD, the exchange rate changes all the time. Whenever an item is sold on payment plan, we don't know what the exchange rate would be in 1-2 months.


Why is there a non-refundable deposit?

Whenever you're purchasing an item on payment plans, it's reserved for you for several months. Most often there are other buyers interested in this item, including buyers who can paid in full immediately. We'd love to give everyone the opportunity of purchasing the dream bag on payment plan, however, if the payment plan falls through, a 20% is a compensation for us for losing potential deals.


What do I need to start?

Please send us a link to the item that you're interested in and your PayPal email. We'll only need your PayPal email to start the payment plan. We'll send an invoice manually then.


When do you ship an item I've purchased on payment plan?

We ship an item only after it's paid in full.