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Returns and Refunds

Here are the most popular questions when it comes to refunds.


- What if I don't like the item? Can I return it?

We guarantee that the item is just exactly as you see it on our pictures. We'd love to see our customers happy so we strive to provide all the information (pictures and descriptions). If you need any other pictures, please let us know, we can provide any necessary information regarding the item you're interested in.

However, we don't accept returns. Thus, please make sure this is an item you want.


- Why are you not accepting returns? Are you a scammer?

No, we aren't scammers. The reason we're not accepting returns is that it just takes a lot of time.

Overseas shipping is not that seamless as continental shipping. If you purchase an item, it'll take about 3 weeks to arrive. If you decide to ship it back, we can only return the money when we have the item back. Shipping back may take the same time or a little longer. Shipping from the US is also about $70-$100.

We once accepted a return and it took about 3 months for the buyer to get the money back.

Since then, we decided that we are not accepting returns.

Therefore, if you're not sure you want this exact item, please don't purchase.


- What if the item is not authentic? Can I return it?

Each of our items has been inspected by our internal experts. As we're also an authentication company, you can imagine that we value our reputation and would never risk it by selling a fake item.

We don't list a lot of items just because at this time we want to ensure every single item is authentic. We are very positive that it's impossible for you to purchase a fake via our website.

However, if such thing ever happens, we guarantee full refund. The transaction is also covered by PayPal Buyer Protection so you're definitely getting your money back.