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We strive to process your order quickly and ensure its safe delivery. Your order is shipped from the Hague, Netherlands.  Unless specified in the listing, the shipping is free for all the items.



How Long Does the Shipping Take?

Most of the packages are delivered in 2-3 weeks. It can take a little less or little more. To get an idea of the time frames and package statuses, please take a look at some packages we shipped during the last quarter.



Shipping FAQs

Can I trust you?

Upon request, we can provide your our shipping history for 2019-2020 and some other tracking numbers from earlier parcels.


Will I pay the fees?

We can’t guarantee you won’t but here's what we can promise:

  • We shipped over 300 items and none of our US customers ever reported paying the fees
  • No package was lost or stolen during 3 years or there were any other problems rather than extended timeframes
  • Upon your request, we'll ship priority with signature confirmation


Can You Ship with Signature Confirmation?

Yes. Shipping with signature confirmation is included for all items over $1,500. For items with lower value it's $30.


What if it's lost?

We've never had any parcel lost in over 7 years. However, if this happens, you are protected by PayPal buyer protection.