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Louis Vuitton Marly BB/MM Bag

Louis Vuitton Marly BB/MM Bag

Perfect for a modern businesswoman, Louis Vuitton Marly BB/MM Bag is a stylish and elegant handbag with a shoulder strap. Released in 2014, this bag has everything you need for everyday life: made from super-strong dyed Epi leather, its grainy texture can withstand any weather conditions. Marly is simple yet elegant: there are no embellishments except for the clochette. The lack of details makes this bag discreet and luxury like any modern woman.

Marly MM is a great bag for the office. It fits documents and files. It doesn't look like a typical Louis Vuitton bag so you may find out it's quite comfortable to bring this luxury bag to the workspace.

Name of the Purse

"Marly" is the short version of the name Marilyn. The immediate association with the famous actress - Marilyn Monroe - is absolutely right as the Marly bag is no less charming.

You would be beautiful without being boring!

The Marly collection was released in two sizes - MM (16.1" x 14.2" x 6.7") and smaller BB (13.4" x 10.6" x 5.1") in a multitude of colors.

The original price was $2,350 for the BB and $2,810 for the MM version.

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Epi leather

Noir, Beige, Scarlet




Shoulder bag

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