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Louis Vuitton Speedy Watercolor Exotic Frame (2008) Reference Guide

Louis Vuitton Speedy Watercolor Exotic Frame (2008) Reference Guide

Another fabulous collaboration with Richard Prince, this Watercolor Exotic Frame Speedy bag is a modified Speedy in a more refined and chic style. It’s hard to see the house’s classic bag in this chic bag with a vintage wood frame with retro clasp and rainbow lizard handles.

Anyway, the framed top shape and precious materials of this Speedy draw everyone’s attention instantly.

This bag was a high-end work of art, manufactured from exotic leathers like ostrich or snakeskin. The two main editions are a watercolor version with exotic snakeskin handles and an ostrich version. This Speedy Exotic Frame features a modern twist on the iconic Speedy bag, making the bag more structured.

The ostrich bag is an ultra-rare piece and the price can be unpredictable. It will be a great collector’s find.

  • Designer: Richard Prince
  • Size: 30
  • Colors
  • Original price: 3600$ Watercolor, 9000$ Ostrich
  • Estimated resale price: 2500$ Watercolor, 4500$ Ostrich

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