Louis Vuitton Handbag Guide

  • Louis Vuitton “W” Tote Bag

        Louis Vuitton 'W' Tote collection was released back in 2013. First, five totes shaped in W-manner broke hearts of almost all Louis Vuitton enthusiasts and fans around the world with its style and its price. 'W'- shape is both comfortable and structured. It provides a spacious interior which ... View Post
  • Louis Vuitton Sofia Coppola BB/PM/MM bag Reference Guide

      Louis Vuitton, Sofia Coppola BB/PM/MM bag is named after Sofia Coppola, a famous American film director, actress, producer, Academy Award-winning screenwriter. The SC Bag was inspired by the iconic shapes of the Speedy and Keepall which combines the utility of a travel duffle with the comfort ... View Post
  • Louis Vuitton Limited Edition Volupte Psyche Bag

    Louis Vuitton Limited Edition Volupte Psyche Bag   Are you a fan of Gossip Girl? Then you have to remember Serena van der Woodsen (Blake Lively) dressed in comfy wool coat carrying a Louis Vuitton Volupte Psyche Bag in one of the episodes. This dark purple Louis Vuitton Limited Edition Volupte... View Post