Best Louis Vuitton Christmas Gifts 2020

September is coming to an end and we all start to hear Christmas bells ringing, and the usual dreadful question comes up: what to give to your loved ones as a gift to make them happy? But we have another question, even a better one, for you: what can be a better gift than a Louis Vuitton item? 

With that in mind, we have made up a list of best Louis Vuitton Christmas gifts 2020 that you can purhase now on the official LV website. For your convenience, the list is divided into 4 categories: Louis Vuitton Christams gifts under $300 (yes, that's possible!), Louis Vuitton Christams gifts under $1000, Louis Vuitton Christams gifts under $3000 and Louis Vuitton Christams gifts for unlimited budget. In every category you will find options for men and women. 

Let's not wait too long, Christmas 2020 is just around the corner!



Louis Vuitton Christmas Gifts 2020 under $300

1. Louis Vuitton Crafty Confidential Bandeau | $195

This colourful Confidential bandeau is part of the new Louis Vuitton Crafty collection which was inspired by two urban artistic movements from the second half of the 20th century: graffiti and neo-expressionism. It is made of pure silk and combines classic Louis Vuitton Monogram flowers and initials. Beautiful warm caramel tone is a perfect way to dress up any outfit or bag any season - be it winter, spring, summer or fall. 


2. Illustre Vivienne Funfair Xmas Bag Charm and Key Holder | $265

This year's exclusive holiday collection featuring the fashion house's masot Vivienne is all about having fun at a carnival. Catch her riding a ferris wheel on this festive Xmas bag charm and key holder that can become an ideal small leather goods gift for your girlfriend or sister this year, especially if you personilize it with her initials hot-stmaped on the back. But be quick as the website says: limited quantities now prelaunching exclusively available online. Everyone wants a little piece of Miss Vivienne!


3. Damier Graphite Canvas 6 Key Holder | $265

A busy man loves to keep his things organized, and you can help yours by putting this modern 6 key holder under the Christmas tree. This small item crafted from the durable Damier Graphite canvas in sober shades goes with any other men's accessories and outfits. Most practical gift ever!


4. Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Envelope Business Card Holder | $295

Another useful gift essential for any serious businessman is this Envelope business card holder. Its size allows to fit it in any pocket so your man can always be fully prepared for any important meeting no matter where it is. And the press-stud closure will ensure that he doesn't lose a single one of them. 



Louis Vuitton Christmas Gifts 2020 under $1,000

5. Bicolor Monogram Zippy Coin Purse | $800

This classic coin purse model by Louis Vuitton with enlarged Monogram Empreinte from the new Bicolor collection is, without doubt, eye-catching however small the item may seem. In the era of digitilization, we don't use coins or banknotes that much any more but that is exactly why this item is perfect - besides 2 gusseted compartments that are easily accessible with a zipper it has 4 card slots. Get the chance to suprise your loved one with an exclusive and functional gift!


6. Vivienne Holiday Collection Zippy Wallet | $935

The next item in our list of best Louis Vuitton Christmas Gifts 2020 is again a piece from Vivienne Holiday Collection. We just can't get enough of the cute House mascot!

This time it is a beautiful and colourful Zippy wallet - one the most popular Louis Vuitton wallet styles (if you want to learn about other popular Louis Vuitton wallet styles, check our article on what is the perfect Louis Vuitton wallet for a modern woman). It is a must-have for collectors as Vivienne holiday collection is different every year. Besides, its gorgeous rose pivoine pink interior will make any woman's heart melt. 


7. Monogram Clouds Stole | $620

Perfect Christmas gift from the new Louis Vuitton Clouds collection by Men's Artsitic Director Virgil Abloh. If your loved one is a Louis Vuitton fan, we are sure he's been dreaming about a piece of this Heaven on Earth since the collection was presented during the Maison's fashion show in January. Make his dream come true! Made of 100% cotton, it combines all the trendy hues of blue, according to Panton Color Institute, and will accessorize and freshen any outfit. 


8. Iphone 11 Pro Bumper | $450

Phones have become an integral part of our life - they have replaced notebooks, mp3 players, cameras and even laptops. All our life is there and we rarely let it go. So why not protect it with a luxurious bumper made of cowhide leather with the classic Louis Vuitton Monogram? It is lightweight but robust and durable, and can even replace a wallet thanks to the black flat pocket. Its bright but noble colour will definetely make heads turn! 



Louis Vuitton Christmas Gifts 2020 under $3,000

9. Monogram Empreinte Montsouris Backpack | $2,700

Besides being extremely functional, backpacks are still trendy, that is why fashion houses release new models every season. This is a new version of the popular Montsouris backpack that is now available in elegant Empreinte leather in 3 colours - black, turtledove, and new creme (which is supposed to be one this season's color trends). Very comfortable and feminine, it will become a perfect companion in the city. 

If you are a fan of backpacks, check our Top 10 Best Designer Backpacks For Urban Commuters (+ What Fits Inside)


10. Petite Malle Souple | $3,000

First introduced several seasons back evoking Louis Vuitton's legacy as a trunk maker, Petite Male has now taken a softer shape. Its riveted corners, handles, leather name tag and adjustable strap in trendy peach tone freshen up the classic brown Monogram canvas. Ideal combination for the upcoming spring and summer 2021 and a perfect gift to win a woman's heart - who can resist such a beauty?


11. Damier Graphite Giant Canvas Josh Backpack | $2,260

We have already listed all the advantages of a backpack, and, fortunately, Louis Vuitton has just released the popular Josh Backpack in new Damier Graphite Giant Canvas. The all-time favorite masculine print has been enlarged and now features some blue accents that are in this season's Pantone Color Palette. 


12. Louis Vuitton Horizon Wireless Earphones | $1,190

Wireless earphones are no longer new on the market, and, probably, you already own a pair because they are so convenient! But don't you want to  surprise your loved one with a luxury experience this Christmas?

Louis Vuitton Horizon earphones are a customized version of exceptional Master & Dynamic MW07 Plus earbuds with stainless steel and ceramic case featuring the LV logo and Monogram flower and additional leather case. In the best Louis Vuitton traditions the unboxing experience is fantastic as well. In the photo you see the earbuds in black, but they also exist in fluorescent yellow and pink, so it can be a nice gift not only for him but also for her. 



Louis Vuitton Christmas Gifts 2020 For Unlimited Budget

13. LV Pont 9 | $3,900

This new Louis Vuitton bag that appeared on the shelves this spring highlights Parisian chic taking its name from one of the oldest Parisian bridges near the fashion house's headquaters. Crafted from smooth calfskin leather, it is soft to the touch, and the warm golden orange shade will help you be the most up-to-date fashionista this season. Elegant and convenient, it will be perfect both for everyday and special occasions.


14. Tambour Horizon Matte Black 42 | $3,570

Another stunning tech gift from the French fashion house. They know how to add style to a useful everyday accessory. The watch can be conncted to your smartphone, being compatible with iOS and Android devices, and features customized watch faces. The model in the photo will be a pleasant and luxurious Christmas gift for a man, especially when you customize it choosing the main and additional strap. 


15. Personilized Gifts

The last but not the least in our list of Best Louis Vuitton Christmas Gifts 2020 is a personilized gift - service that is now available for women's and men's items. There is wide choice of handbags and travel pieces that you can customize and make funkier - from small leather goods to Keepalls and luggages. Get creative and suprize your loved one with a Louis Vuitton piece that will totally reflect their personality!

Has our guide been helpful? Share your thoughts in comments!

And Merry Christmas, everyone!


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