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What Is The Perfect Louis Vuitton Wallet For A Modern Woman?

What Is The Perfect Louis Vuitton Wallet For A Modern Woman?

A good wallet is an important part of any look. It's not only seen every day by dozens of people we interact with, but it's something we touch constantly, and moreover, it's where we usually keep our most important stuff like driving license, ID, credit and loyalty cards. And of course, Like a high-end purse or stylish clothes, it should look good.

To understand the importance of a wallet in your life,  picture yourself buying coffee in your favorite cafe. You bring your high-end bag with you and to pay for a drink you pull out... a luxury wallet matching your purse. How does it feel? Fabulous, isn't it?

To help modern women look chic even with such small simple items, fashion houses are creating multiple cute and luxury wallets for any style and occasion. Elegant and classy, big and small, modern and exquisite... It's just too hard to choose!



Popular Louis Vuitton Wallet Styles

Louis Vuitton is one of the most iconic fashion houses in history. The best designers and skillful artisans work to create masterpieces from the finest materials and to impress the audience with stylish ideas. They work hard on each detail, on each piece, and of course, their wallets are coveted by fashion lovers as much as bags.

To help you choose the most suitable LV wallet we've gathered the most accurate information about 7 different pieces. Each of them is unique and beautiful, though might seem alike for the untrained eye. They can change your attitude towards wallets forever.



Louis Vuitton Zippy Wallet

This iconic LV wallet has been recently upgraded to meet a modern woman's needs, and now has now 4 additional card slots. Zippy's got its name from its golden or silver all-round zip, which ensures the security of everything inside. It's quite spacious and can fit not only cards and bills, but coins as well. With 3 large compartments, it's easy to organize everything in it. Zippy can serve as your main wallet that you use daily and is also practical for business trips. It's a bit long, so it won't fit in a small bag. Measurements: 7.68" L x 4.13" H x 0.98" W.

Being the most coveted model of all LV wallets, Zippy exists in numerous colors and materials: starting from the famous Monogram canvas to shiny Vernis leather. Two classical styles (Monogram and Damier) are both priced at $850 on the official website, wallets made of leather are more expensive. You can choose between various colors of leather (rose poudré pink, scarlet, cream, turtledove, and others) and for some models even select the hue of inside compartments.

We, at Bagaholic, have a wide choice of Zippy wallets: a Zippy in black Epi leather, a black Monogram Empreinte Zippy, and a beautiful Empreinte Zippy in marine colour



Louis Vuitton Eugenie Wallet 

This classical chic wallet can now be found only as a pre-loved item. With its measurements: 7.5" L x 4.5" H x 0.75" W Eugenie can be used as a clutch for evening outfits and formal occasions. Made of classical Monogram canvas with golden hardware, it will instantly add some elegancy to your style. Featuring a flap closure with a push-lock which makes it look like a little bag, the Eugenie wallet can be used without a purse (but you have to constantly hold it in your hands). 

It is well organized inside, with numerous slots for cards, one compartment for bills, two slip pockets, and even a transparent ID window. The Eugenie wallet was also included in the famous Multicolored collection and crafted in Epi leather. The retail price was $860, but as the item has been discontinued, you can only find it on resellers platforms.



Louis Viutton Capucines Wallet

The elegant and feminine Capucines wallet is ideal for every modern woman who is passionate about chic accessories. It can be used daily or for business trips. The Capucines wallet would look nice with any outfit except sportswear. Measurements: 7.87" L x 4.33" H x 0.98" W. Compact and mini variants are available for those women who want to look chic but aren't into carrying heavy and big wallets. Measurements of the XS version: 3.94" L x 3.15" H x 0.59" W which makes it the tiniest in the whole collection.

Crafted from soft lambskin, taurillon leather, or exotic crocodile skin, it opens to 2 large compartments separated by a zipped coin pocket. There are multiple credit card slots on both sides of the wallet. Mini versions differ in size and capacity, and fold. The flap closure has a magnetic button and is decorated with a golden or silver LV logo covered with leather. The wallet exists in different colors and can upgrade any outfit by its mere existence. The official retail price on the LV website is $1 520 for a big model, XS size starts from $840, the price for wallets made of crocodile leather is significantly higher.

If you want to purchase this pink beauty, we have this Capucines wallet in Taurillon leather in our online consignment shop!




Louis Viutton Sarah Wallet

Another classical wallet from the fashion house that adds luxury and shows great taste of its owner is called Sarah. Made of legendary Monogram or Damier canvas, it's perfect for everyday use or for evening events. The other materials are Epi leather, Vernis leather, and cowhide leather. It's available in various colors but the size and style remains the same. Measurements: 7.48" L x 4.13" H x 0.79" W. Like all the wallets mentioned above it won't slip into a small bag.

The Sarah wallet looks like a rectangular envelope with a small magnetic button on the flap closure which has a triangle form. Inside, it looks the same as a Capucines wallet: two large compartments with a zipped pocket for coins and slots for cards on each side. A new wallet on the official website of the fashion house costs $720 for classical Monogram and Damier canvases, leather models are more expensive.



Louis Viutton Clemence Wallet

At first sight, it might look like a Zippy wallet, because it has the same all-round secure zip. But the Clemence wallet differs slightly in size and has less capacity. Even looking at them in the pictures you can notice that Clemence is longer. Feminine and stylish, it's a perfect wallet for young women because of its playful design. Made of classical Monogram or Damier canvas, it features a brightly colored leather tag on the zipper with the interior of the same shade. Other materials used are Epi leather and cowhide leather. Measurements: 7.87" L x 3.54" H x 0.79" W.

Practical and solid, it will serve for years. There are two large compartments inside for bills, divided by a zipper pocket for coins. There are slots for cards on both sides. Clemence would perfectly slip into an elegant backpack for running errands or studying. It is a nice wallet to buy as your first LV item, it costs significantly less than Zippy, but have the same legendary features of the fashion house. The retail price on the official website is $570 for models from canvases.



Louis Viutton Emilie Wallet

The Emilie wallet combines iconic LV elegancy with fresh modern touches. Thanks to colorful sides amazingly matching legendary canvases it creates a simple but chic look. The Emilie wallet is irresistible and would definitely attract the attention of any young woman. Looking like an envelope with a rectangular flap closure with rounded edges, it also features a cute little colorful button. Can be used both with feminine backpacks and bags, and it is perfect for students.  Measurements: 7.48" L x 3.94" H x 0.79" W.

The Emilie wallet exists in various styles. To create a more playful look designers added a round leather tag with flowers. The same cute flowers are on the top of the magnetic button. It has only one large compartment with a zipped pocket for coins and 4 slots for cards. Emilie fits way less than other wallets, but it is enough for essentials. The official retail price for models made of canvases is $545, leather models cost $795.



Louis Viutton Victorine Wallet

The last wallet in LV collection we want to tell you about is a compact Victorine. It's perfect if you prefer to travel light and try to keep space in your bag. The Victorine wallet is an elegant addition to a casual outfit, and can fit into small purses. It combines the playful style of the Emilie wallet and the XS size of the Capucines wallet. Existing in leather and canvases, it's great for students, young girls and for traveling. Though it might seem not practical, it has slots for cards, a compartment for bills and a pocket for coins. Measurements when folded: 4.72" L x 3.74" H x 0.59" W.

The fashion house create the Victorine wallet in different colors and leathers, so everyone can choose a perfect match to their taste, style and occasion. Classical Monogram canvas or shiny Vernis leather, elegant cowhide leather with Monogram embossing or neutral Epi leather, there is a fan for every Victorine wallet! When looking for this wallet keep in mind that not every model might be available on the official website. The retail prices start from $570.



How Can You Tell If a Louis Vuitton Wallet Is Real? 

For every high-end product it's important to understand whether it's authentic or counterfeit, especially if you're buying it pre-owned. Purchasing a luxury wallet that already belonged to someone can save lots of money, when you want to have a quality product but can't afford a brand-new item. Before making a deal with a seller make sure the wallet is actually worth the money asked for it. Here are some tips how to do it:

  • Examine the canvas and the embossing. If you have an authentic LV item to compare it with, it would make checking easier for you. Fakes can be really good but they won't be the same as the original print. All elements should be of the same size with clear edges.
  • Check the leather by touching both inside and outside. Counterfeit products are made from poor quality materials, they are usually firm. Authentic LV is pleasant to touch, the skin is soft.
  • Look at the zipper. The Louis Vuitton hardware can last for ages, even if you use the wallet every day. Do you see plenty of scratches? Is the golden covering fading? That might be a fake!
  • The heat stamp inside tthe wallet would reveal a counterfeit item. If possible, compare the two LV heat stamps and you will see the difference immediately.
  • Be careful when you check the date code. Although, it is possible to check authenticity using an LV date code checker, the wallet might still be counterfeit even if the checker says that it is original. Fakes are getting better every year, and some very good fakes carry actual date codes. If you want to know more about LV date codes, read our complete guide to Louis Vuitton date codes with 500 photo examples and our article on new Louis Vuitton date codes 2019-2020




Do All Louis Vuitton Wallets Have a Date Code?

As you know, the Louis Viutton fashion house put a special code on their bags that show the year and the month of it production. They have the same policy for wallets. Finding the date code on the soft skin of a tiny wallet can be tricky: it might hide in pockets for coins or inside a card slot, some of them are found under zippers. Examine the wallet carefully before claiming there's no code on it: use a flashlight or different kinds of lightning. If the date code is missing, there might be 3 reasons for that: the item is too old (there were no codes before 1980s), it has rubbed off or the item is fake.

We do recommend to order professional authentication when it comes to wallets. This simple step will save you hundreds of dollars! If you want to see a comparison between real and fake Zippy wallets in detail, be sure to watch this video.


If you need to authenticate a Louis Vuitton item, please order one of the three types of authentication:

Verbal Authentication $10

  • good when you need a certificate for any reason,

Certificate of Authenticity $25

  • good when you need a certificate for any reason, either to sell the bag with the peace of mind or to return a fake bag to the seller if you purchased a fake
  • includes a permanent certificate on

Certificate of Authenticity with a thorough explanation $50

  • good when you need a certificate and you need to know why the bag is authentic/not authentic for any reason, either to sell the bag with the peace of mind or return a fake bag to the seller if you purchased a fake.
  • includes a permanent certificate on
  • includes an explanation of why the item is fake (detailed pictures and comparisons with an authentic bag, more than 10 pics included)



Do Louis Viutton Wallets Last Long?

Buying an LV bag you know it would last for years. But what about wallets? It's something we use every day, open and close it, take it out and put in coins and bills, use our cards, fir them in differents bags.

The lifetime of your wallet depends on how carefully you use it. Of course, leather would need reglazing after 5 years or so, you also might expect scratches and fading on hardware, rubs on corners, leather tags and some wear inside. But with good care a Louis Viutton wallet might stay with you for many happy years in perfect condition until being replaced by another fabulous model. Small leather products of the fashion house are of the same excellent quality as bags.



Is It Worth To Invest In a Louis Viutton Wallet?

Many fashionistas say that Louis Viutton produces the best wallets in the high-end industry. Fans of other brands are in love with stylish and elegant accessories made by LV. Is buying this tiny piece of leather worth it? It is worth it to invest in a Louis Viutton wallet? The short answer is yes! Classical canvases still remain iconic for many years, while all the items by the fashion house are increasing in price. A chic wallet of good quality would not only bring you a real pleasure every time you touch it but would look good for decades.

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