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Where Are Chanel Handbags Made?

Where Are Chanel Handbags Made?

Coco Chanel founded a legendary empire. Over the years famous designers have brought their personality and vision to the fashion house. What do we know about Chanel bags? They are rare, elegant, expensive, and of high quality. If you watch the video on the Chanel official YouTube channel revealing some parts of the manufacturing process, you will see how carefully every detail is crafted. It's really hypnotizing. There is some magnetism and perfection in the way the artisan is putting everything together.

Chanel lovers are willing to spend thousands of dollars to own a coveted piece of art, because of its quality and status. Some even plan trips to Paris to buy their Chanel in the main boutique. It's not only the way handbags look, everything about this brand is surrounded by chic aura. Let's learn about their production to find out why fashion lovers are flying across the whole world to buy a purse.


Are Chanel Handbags Made In China?

If you are not new to the world of Chanel bags, you probably know that one of the ways to tell if a Chanel bag is authentic is to examine the heat stamp reading those words 'Chanel. Made in France' (if don't know that or want to know what other features you need to pay attention to while buying a Chanel bag, check our guide on 10 easy steps to authenticate any Chanel bag). But are Chanel handbags really crafted in France? Rumors are going around, and we can't help but comment on them.

It began in 2008 with the global financial crisis. According to experts, high-end brands were losing up to 5-10% of their income, so some of them started looking for ways of optimization. Many companies moved their production to Asian countries, particularly China. Cheap and fast labor was one of the reasons.

Since then every brand was accused of manufacturing their products there and Chanel wasn't an exception. Once the word was spread, there was no way to stop people gossiping. People created endless threads on forums, started investigations, even interviewed factory workers to prove they were right. Chanel continued increasing prices for their handbags, people kept talking about the end of traditions in the fashion house. New opinions in support of both sides are still appearing.

But are Chanel bags actually made in China?

Let's put aside all the bold statements made by your neighbors, colleagues, tabloids, and unknown people from forums and study theories and decide for ourselves. 


Theory №1. Production has been moved to China in order to reduce prices. 

Okay, that might be true for some less luxurious brands, but Chanel is known for being a fashion house that respects its historical heritage. Transferring expensive sewing and stitching machines and teaching new workers how to produce flawless handbags should have taken an enormous amount of time. Besides, not to lose their income, Chanel annually increases their prices. But the number of people willing to purchase their bags is only growing. Why secretly moving to Asia, if customers are ready to pay any price?


Theory №2. Chinese manufacturers are fast. Production can become easier.

Well, to be honest, when it comes to Chanel, the only fast thing is the speed of a buyer chasing a coveted purse. If you look at the bag, you can clearly see that it has not been manufactured hastily. Every single detail, from the leather strap interwoven with chain and to clasps and zippers, looks perfect. Just as a reminder what Chanel is all about (Parisian aura and aesthetics) watch again that bag production video, feel the artisan's love for everything she makes, pay attention to her slow movements and careful behavior holding each piece of a future purse. Would you expect such an attitude from Asian workers if their goal is to produce as many bags as possible as fast as possible?


Theory №3. Asian manufacturers can make more bags than European artisans.

True. But what does it have in common with Chanel? Every collection is limited in quantity, and sometimes fashion lovers are queuing to get their desired bag! There's no need for the brand to sell as many pieces as possible, otherwise the sense of exclusivity would be lost forever. Besides, being made of exquisite fine leather, there's little chance for Chanel to be willing to spend millions for excess materials without any profit. Crafting every purse with care and love - that is Chanel's goal. Making thousands of bags sounds more like mass market.


Theory №4. Factory workers confess having made Chanel bags in China.

That's one of the most favorite statement of people claiming the brand is not the same. There's only one fact that overrules this theory. Here it is: every artisan and craftsman signs a contract with Chanel about not revealing anything about the process. Access to factory locations is limited to protect the brand's intellectual property. How do these workers after signing papers give interviews and speak to TV reporters? Sounds like a scandal! Another reason is people not actually knowing what they produce. A person might see the Chanel name but make replicas or even counterfeit.


Theory №5. The fashion house won't announce it, but production has been moved secretly.

Now that's becoming ridiculous. So these people actually think Chanel is deceiving everyone by crafting their bags in China but still placing 'made in France' embossing on the products? First of all, such fraud is strictly against European laws. Nothing made outside the French territory should bear a label 'made in France', even a pack of napkins. What level of secrecy should it be to deceive not only customers but the European Union as well? Secondly, such a statement is a real insult for the entire French nation. You should know how sensitive French people are about everything that is produced in their country. They are proud of the quality of their products and prefer them to any international thing.


Hopefully, these facts were enough to make you erase the idea of Chanel being made in China from your head. Ignore all the rumors. You can actually get products made in Asia if you're buying fakes or replicas but not authentic Chanel. Real handbags are produced only in France, Italy, and Spain.



Why Are Chanel Handbags Produced In France, Spain, And Italy?

Now that all the silly theories have been dismissed, let's discuss the reasons why these three countries have been chosen as Chanel bags lullaby. There are both practical and historical reasons behind that. In other words, everything that makes purses so unique and desired.

  • Paris is the heart of Chanel. To protect the brand's heritage and continue Coco's legacy a great number of items are produced in France.
  • France has borders with Spain and Italy. It is easier for the fashion house to control the manufacturing process while being around (and not miles away from China!).
  • Excellent quality of European artisans. Spanish and Italian craftsmen are known as skillful specialists who have been working with leather for centuries.
  • It has already been mentioned that France set high standards of everything produced in their country at the governmental level. If something is made in this country it's probably of the best quality, because originally French people make everything for their own use (and they prefer nothing but the best).
  • Old-fashioned sentiments. It might sound funny in the 21st century but Europeans are quite proud of their heritage and history, so even a mere thought of changing the way of production is painful. Traditions are kept not only for Chanel bags, but for their food and wines, too.
  • Removing manufacturing from Europe would be a mortal blow for all the fans and mark the end of the fashion house. Sticking to their historical beliefs, Chanel is not willing to ruin its reputation to earn extra money.
  • High skills of the artisans at every step of the process. There's a huge difference between hiring a person to perform a job and hiring a professional to contribute his or her skills to create a piece of art. Chanel manufacturers are highly motivated, well paid, and are proud of their work.
  • Traditional manufacturing methods. To guarantee their customers the highest quality of their products, the fashion house prefers to keep manufacturing as close to original as possible. Generations of craftsmen are working on bags, each having their own family secrets of flawless production.

By the way, if you want to know more about Chanel's history, our ultimate Chanel bags guide is a must-read. 

When you are buying Chanel, you're not only getting a new purse. By choosing this fashion house you support the idea of excellence and elegance, timeless chic, and luxury. Both designers and artisans understand their sacred positions and do everything to make bags of the best quality one can expect. And that's why Chanel is attracting more and more fans every year.



The Importance Of “Made in” Stamps For Chanel Authentication

As we already mentioned above, "Made in" stamps are very important while trying to understand if you are about to buy an authentic Chanel bag. There are several things to consider:

  1. The color of the stamping should be the same as the color of the hardware.
  2. The logo should be embossed, not just printed. 
  3. The width of a genuine Chanel logo is 3.3cm (1.3 inches). 
  4. "Made in France", "Made in Italy", or "Made in Spain" (quite a rare stamp) can be located either under the logo or on the opposite side of the bag.

However, the most important authentication feature for a Chanel bag is a serial number, and we have a complete guide to Chanel serial numbers for you not to get lost in the flood of information!

But to be absolutely sure that a pre-loved bag is authentic, it is better to have the bag authenticated by professionals. 

If you need Chanel bag authentication, please order one of the three types of authentication:


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    I have a bay stamped with a gold oval metal, very nice looking stamp which reads CHANEl on top(CC) in center MADE IN Paris. The rings that changes and strap go through are gold in color stamped Paris Chanel. I can not find a serial no. The CC on front are raised. The lining is very soft Vinyl I think. I so hope you can help. Thank You So Much!

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