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top 10 most iconic dior bags

Top 10 Iconic Dior Bags That You'll Never Regret Buying

There is no better investment than a high-end bag. It's not only an investment in its traditional sense when you buy something just to resell it later. It's also a stylish addition to your casual or evening outfit. Here are top 10 most iconic Dior bags that you won't regret buying.

Owning a bag of fine quality is a pleasure compared to visiting Disneyland as a child. Touch of a soft skin, solid hardware, iconic design... We know what it's like to actually fall in love with a bag!

True fashion lovers don't chase purses just because of the label and the brand name, collecting as much as possible. A genuinely luxury bag has a history behind it. That's one of the reasons why people choose Dior. Every bag is a piece of art that tells you its unique story. These charming masterpieces are worth talking about them for hours! Among all Dior purses, we have chosen 10 that have iconic status and are now coveted by bagaholics from all over the world.

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1. Lady Dior bag

top dior bags lady dior

Browse Lady Dior bags on Fashionphile

History: This is a truly royal bag! It was introduced in 1994 and had the name 'Chouchou', which means 'favorite' in French. A year later the First Lady of France Bernadette Chirac gave this bag as a present to Princess Diana Spencer during her visit to Paris. Princess Diana was considered a fashion icon of those years. She was said to have loved the gift so much that she ordered it in every available color and size. Later the fashion house changed the name to Lady Dior reminding people of their love to the Princess.

Interesting facts: each purse is crafted manually from 144 pieces. It takes 8 hours and 7 artisans to create one Lady Dior. No wonder why they are so expensive!

Description and Features: the iconic style has not changed with years. It always has a rectangular shape (though it might seem square), has one zip and one flat pocket. The inner compartment closes with a flap closure, and two solid handles allow to carry the bag in hands. A modern addition is an adjustable shoulder strap. Every purse has gold or silver charms with letters 'D. I. O. R.' which are also handcrafted. The legendary cannage stitching was invented by Christian Dior himself and was inspired by Napoleon III chairs which the first guests of the famous designer were sitting in. 

Sizes and Materials: purses are crafted from lamb or calfskin, and now are available in three sizes (mini, medium, and large).

Price: official retail price for a medium-sized bag in black color adored by Diana Spencer in the medium size is $6,500 in 2024. The indicated price varies depending on size, color, and the leather. But in our online shop, you can get this beautiful pre-loved Lady Dior Tweed Medium Bag in the photo for just $1,499! Alternatively, you might want to check out Lady Dior bags on Fashionphile and save up to 70% off the retail price!



2. Dior Saddle Bag

top dior bags saddle bag

Browse Christian Dior Saddle bags on Fashionphile

History: created by John Galliano in 1999, this bag made its debut during Spring/Summer runway show. Thanks to its extravagant style, it became an instant success. It even appeared on Sex and the City carried by Carrie Bradshaw, which is a mark of a true fashion gem. Then its popularity suddenly faded. In 2014 Beyonce and several other celebrities were noticed with the Saddle bags again, and four years later Dior launched a big campaign to bring back the forgotten purse into the saddle.

Interesting facts: a successful comeback happened with a huge help of Instagram! About 100 international influencers posted pictures with the Saddle bag at the same time. There was no way of avoiding it. This campaign showed people how powerful a new culture of Instagram had become.

Description and Features: this purse is both suitable for daily wear and to accompany an evening outfit (just remember Carrie Bradshaw and that lovely Dior Saddle under her armpit). The shape of the bag is extravagant and is often described as 'ugly chic'. But there is no denying that this saddle-shaped purse is one of the most iconic Dior items at the moment. A magnetic flap closure opens to one compartment with a zip pocket. There's also a back pocket to store a credit card, for example. A short strap with 'CD' letters on both ends allows to carry bag on the shoulder. It is crafted in more than 20 color variations.

Sizes and Materials: the Saddle bag is available in two sizes (mini and medium). The original purse was enlarged to fit modern daily stuff like iPhone 11. The modern version exists both in leather and in canvas.

Price: on the official website of the fashion house the retail price for a medium Saddle bag in canvas is $3,350. A calfskin model of the same size costs $3,900.



3. Dior Diorissimo

top dior bags diorissimo bag

Browse Christian Dior Diorissimo bags on Fashionphile

History: Diorissimo was officially introduced in 2012 and became a huge hit! It was instantly called a timeless chic by the fashion house and reached a cult status thanks to its elegant style and incredibly soft leather. Its simple but feminine look made the bag popular among celebrities.

Interesting facts: Dior posted a short video revealing the manufacturing of a Diorissimo starting from sketches. This purse is mostly handcrafted and made with great care.

Description and Features: originally described as a perfect bag for daily wear, Diorissimo has later become a part of an evening outfit, too. Made from the finest and softest leather, it still very well structured. The style of the bag resembles Lady Dior, top handles are also very stiff. At the base of the handle, there is the signature 'D. I. O. R.' chain. The purse doesn't have any zippers, there's only one snap closure. Every Diorissimo comes with a pochette matching the color of the bag. Despite softness, it's sturdy.

Sizes and Material: Diorissimo is made of great variety of skins including calfskin, crocodile and python. It has three sizes: large, medium, and mini. In 2013 the fashion house introduced a new mini size, discontinued the large bag making the medium one the biggest in the line.

Price: as an iconic bag, Diorissimo only increases in price with time. When in 2013 the medium size became the largest, and the large was discontinued, the price remained the same - $5,100. But at Bagaholic you can still find 2 large pre-loved Diorissimos for at a reduced price - an Orange Calfskin Diorissimo for $899 and a funky Patch Embellished Metallic Diorissimo for $1,999. 



4. Dior Le 30 Medium Tote

History: the collection was originally designed for working women and combines a stylish feminine look and a convenient design. For more than 10 years this model has been one of the most sought-after by Dior fans.

Interesting facts: name Le 30 refers to Dior's headquarters address on Avenue Montaigne in Paris.

Description and features: the bag is hand-stitched and has the signature Dior Cannage pattern. Le 30 has two handles made of triple chains with comfortable leather pads for carrying the purse on the shoulder. The central snap closure opens to one compartment with a zip pocket, a flat pocket, and one small compartment for a phone.

Sizes and Materials: the purse is available in one size only and is quite spacious. It would be perfect for going to work or studies. The inside of Le 30 is manufactured from soft fabric, the bag itself is made of lambskin. Measurements: 16" L x 10.75" H x 6" W.

Price: Le 30 is now available on resellers websites who claim the official retail price was between $2,500-$2,800 depending on the color and the year of production. At second-hand markets, it now can be found for less than $2,000.



5. Dior Diorama bag

top dior bags diorama bag

Browse Christian Dior Diorama bags on Fashionphile

History: the bag made its first appearance during Spring/Summer runway show in 2015, and became a hit the moment it was seen by the public. Existing in different colors and materials, Diorama is one of the most popular models of the brand. Classical black or shiny silver or golden - every woman can find the one to her liking. 

Interesting facts: among celebrities who like Diorama there are Bella Hadid, Rihanna, Dakota Fanning, and Kris Jenner.

If you want to find out more about this bag and how is it different from Chanel Boy, check our Dior Diorama Bag Reference Guide

Description and Features: Diorama is a classical single flap bag of a rectangular shape. It has a long chain strap with leather pads that allow to carry the purse in the hands, on the shoulder, and as a crossbody. One single compartment and one zip pocket inside are enough to carry all your daily essentials. The bag opens with a push-lock. As no other bag since Lady Dior was that popular, Dior decided to continue making this model in different colors and materials.

Sizes and Materials: the purse is available in four sizes, from mini to large. Larger purses can be used for daily wear, smaller are perfect to match an evening outfit. Diorama is made of calfskin, though some rare materials as crocodile skin can be found, too.

Price: a new metallic silver Diorama is the most expensive item with the official retail price of $3,900. 



6. Dior Diorever

History: by crafting this bag the brand wanted to show the fashion society the image of a new 'Dior Woman'. It's modern but simple. It says: you don't need to be complicated to be unique and beautiful. The fashion house described it as a purse with strong and bold character. The bag was introduced in 2016 and impressed the fashion society by a campaign featuring Jeniffer Lawrence having a shiny golden Diorever in her hands.

Interesting facts: as soon as the line was launched, some people called it 'Birkin Copycat'.

By the way, if you like Birkins, check our guide on how to spot a fake Hermes Birkin

Description and Features: Diorever has solid hardware and sharp lines, which actually makes it a bag with character. One of the most outstanding and unique features is the reversible flap! In some models, it has a contrasting color and it can be seen when the flap is flipped to the back of the purse (there are two magnetic closures on the back). Yes, you can carry Diorever in two different ways. The bag has two top handles to carry it in hands and an adjustable shoulder strap for cross-body wear. The inside compartment is spacious and is secured by an additional mini-flap between handles.

Sizes and Materials: Diorever has three sizes and every woman can choose a proper purse for her. Mini, medium, or large - this bag looks elegant and chic in every color. When it was launched, the purse was made from various materials including calfskin, exotic crocodile leather, and there were even some metallic versions.

Price: when it only appeared the lowest price for Diorever Mini in calfskin leather was $3,000. Some rare and exotic materials are more expensive.



7.Dioraddict Bag

History: it's a relatively new bag in the Dior family, it was introduced only in 2017. The designer wanted to bring a bohemian style into the new collection. The bag was released as a memory of vintage Dior suitcases. Fashion lovers say it combines all the best features of Parisian fashion. When the Dioraddict flap bag became successful, the fashion house added a cute but chic square flap purse to the collection.

Interesting facts: the Dioraddict line consists of three styles of bags with flap purse being the most popular. It's a reinvention of a discontinued Miss Dior.

Description and Features: this square flap bag although looking tiny, has three compartments inside to carry important daily essentials while running errands (like phone, wallet, keys). The original flap bag features a chain strap to carry it on the shoulder or as a crossbody, a padlock closure, and the fashion house logo in capital letters. A suede interior has a zipper and a flat pocket.

Sizes and Materials: the flap bag is crafted in lambskin with the signature Dior Cannage pattern. Some rare leathers like crocodile skin are also available, but purses made of this material are quite expensive.

Price: the official retail price for the Dioraddict lambskin flap bag was $3,350 when it only appeared.



 8. Dio(R)evolution

History: recent Dior bags are all about confidence, boldness, and strong character of a woman. (R)evolution is not an exception. Making its first appearance during Spring/Summer 2017 runway show this bag simply proves that fashion is all about revolution and brave changes.

Interesting facts: unlike other Dior purses this one doesn't give an impression of a feminine and lady-like style, although it is very elegant and simple.

Description and Features: the design of (R)evolution is very simple but eye-catching. It was the first time the fashion house put a huge logo on the front of the bag. Under the logo there's a hand slot to carry the purse in hands. A flap closure opens up to a single but roomy compartment to carry all your essentials. A small slip pocket on the front is designed to carry a mobile phone or car keys. An adjustable wide leather strap makes it possible to carry the bag on the shoulder. 

Sizes and Materials: the purse exists in one size only. Measurements: 10" L x 3.2" W x 6.6" H. (R)evolution is crafted from calfskin with golden or silver hardware.

Price: the bag is available now only as a pre-loved item and can be found on second-hand luxury websites starting from $2,200 (without delivery).



9. D-Bee Tote

History: the Dior fashion house loves to surprise the public and in 2017 they released a new collection. For the first time in the brand's history, an image of a bee was added to women's accessories. These tote bags immediately became an elegant and chic must-haves.

Interesting facts: the bee is iconic and can be seen in men's collections and represents Christian Dior's love for gardening.

Description and Features: the design of the D-Bee tote is practical but stylish. The rectangular-shaped bag has two top leather handles and an adjustable shoulder strap which makes it perfect for daily wear. The image of the bee on the front just above 'CD' initials is the only print on the leather. The interior is roomy enough to fit all your essentials, it also has one flat and two zipped pockets inside.

Sizes and Materials: the D-Bee tote is available is one size only and has the following measurements: 12.5"L x 6"W x 8.5"H. The interior is suede, the bag itself made of grained calfskin leather.

Price: the bag is available only on resellers websites starting from $2,200, the price depends greatly on the condition of the D-Bee tote.



10. J'adior Flap Bag

History: the designer of the J'adior flap bag wanted to create a modern and stylish purse for a contemporary young woman who is in love with fashion. The line was introduced in 2017 and became Maria Grazia Chiuriè's first collection since she started working with the fashion house. Being the first woman in history to work with Dior, she suddenly invented extravagant bags, unlike usual lady-like Dior purses. Perfect for wearing as a crossbody, J'adior was crafted for active women who want to look elegant while running errands in the city. The line has been discontinued and is now available only on resellers' websites.

Interesting facts: the name 'J'adior' is a wordplay, meaning 'I love Dior'. In French the phrase 'J'adore' means 'I love'.

Description and Features: it may remind you of the Dio(R)evolution bag, although it has a different style. It also has a hand slot under the name in capital letters. A feminine and chic feature of this purse is a golden aged chain to carry it on the shoulder. Even without leather pads, it's very comfortable to wear. The interior is well organized with 4 slots for cards and a zipper pocket to keep your keys or money safe.

Sizes and Materials: made of calfskin, it is not the perfect bag for those who love long nails (you might expect scratches under the logo while opening or carrying J'adior). The Interior is made of velvet. The bag has one size only and it is similar to (R)evolution.

Price: currently priced at $3,350, but can be found cheaper in consignment stores depending on the condition of a pre-owned bag.

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