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    There is no better investment than a high-end bag. It's not only an investment in its traditional sense when you buy something just to resell it later. It's also a stylish addition to your casual or evening outfit. Owning a bag of fine quality is a pleasure compared to visiting Disneyland as a ch... View Post
  • Which Gucci Bag to Buy First if You Want Classics: Top 3 Most Iconic Gucci Bags

    Gucci. Just one word gives you goosebumps. It is a brand which demonstrates a real Italian beauty… A brand that has won the heart of millions… A brand whose name everyone knows… It is all about Gucci – one of the most famous luxury brands in the fashion industry. Gucci purses are masterpieces. Th... View Post
  • Hottest Designer Bags For Summer 2020 In The City

    Summer 2020 is here and it is time to check your luxury bag collection and to update it with new rocking fashionable pieces. This season promises to be more relaxed, with large bags of nude shades for the beach and tiny classy flap bags for evening cocktail parties. 2020 trends speak for themselv... View Post
  • How To Read a YSL Serial Number?

    Classic YSL bags have long been a measure of prestige because of their minimalistic chic. Seeing their popularity, counterfeiters produce replicas and each year their quality is getting better and better, which makes it more difficult to tell fakes from original bags. Today being able to determin... View Post
  • Top 13 Timeless Luxury Handbags Every Fashionista Must Have in Their Collection

    Every brand has its own iconic model that is worthy of investment and lasts for a long time. This designer handbag will make your already amazing closet even more stylish though it may not satisfy all your practical needs. In this article, we will be reviewing 13 most iconic luxury designer handb... View Post
  • Where To Buy Authentic Affordable Designer Handbags Under $700

    Bags are an integral part of our lives. We need them not only to keep our daily essentials, but also to complement our outfit, and in a certain sense handbags serve as a sign of financial wealth. But not all of us can buy bags from the latest collections worth thousands of dollars. Let's find out... View Post
  • Why Are Louis Vuitton Bags So Popular and Expensive

    The main question of the ages about Louis Vuitton is: why are LV bags so popular and expensive? Why most fashionistas all over the world desire to buy at least one luxury Louis Vuitton handbag in their collection?  Over the years Louis Vuitton remains one of the most successful designers. Here ar... View Post