How To Read a YSL Serial Number?

Classic YSL bags have long been a measure of prestige because of their minimalistic chic. Seeing their popularity, counterfeiters produce replicas but each year their quality is getting better and better which makes it more difficult to tell fakes from original bags. Today it is as important as ever to determine the authenticity of a bag. Serial numbers are those little magic elements that can be of great help in the authentication process.

 But how to read a YSL serial number?


Where Can I Find a YSL Serial Number?

You can find a serial number tag inside of a bag, it is sewn to the lining and is usually located near the zipper on the top. Beware: the tag can’t be sewn into a stitch, but it is carefully sewn to the lining around the edges. A serial number tag looks like a rectangular-shaped piece made of natural leather and its color is the same as the color of the bag. To find the serial number you just need to look at the opposite side of the tag. It’s right there!



What Do YSL Serial Numbers Mean?

The YSL bags have 12 digits separated by a dot. In new models you can find 3 letters and then 10 digits also separated by a dot.

  • First 6 digits denote the style number
  • Next 4 digits are the date code

Talking about the date code, the first 2 digits are the month of production and the last 2 digits are the year of production. Some bags from the latest Yves Saint Laurent collection have a prefix and a dot before the style number. Note that there should be only one row of digits, two rows is a tell-tale sign that the bag is a fake.

In a YSL bag the serial number is necessary to preserve the reputation of the brand and to better protect their bags as it is more difficult for forgers to manufacture counterfeit purses.


How To Spot a Fake YSL Serial Number?

Now we already know what the serial number means and where to find it, it’s time to talk about how to spot a fake YSL serial number.

Some time ago, the fact that there is a serial number on a luxury handbag was a 100% guarantee of its authentication, but now it is not. Unfortunately, today serial numbers can’t give you 100% confidence that it is not a replica. In any case, when you authenticate a bag don’t neglect the serial number! Here are some tips for you.

  • Examine the engraving. On many bags apart from the serial number you can find the words: “made in Italy.” Note that it should be written exactly under the digits. On some models of YSL bags, letters can be capital.
  • Examine the letters. All letters should be of the same size with equal spacing between letters.
  • If you see that the serial number is missing, probably the bag is a counterfeit.


Do Vintage YSL Bags Have Serial Numbers?

In short, the answer is yes. Though a lot of luxury brands like Gucci don’t have serial numbers on their vintage bags, YSL is an exception. Even on vintage bags you can find serial numbers. Once you do it, examine it using our tips.


Anyway be careful because for an untrained eye it can be very difficult to tell the authenticity of a bag examining only the serial number. Maybe some of our articles will be useful for you in further authentication!

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Want to Authenticate Your Luxury Handbag?

If you need to authenticate a Louis Vuitton item, please order one of the three types of authentication:

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Certificate of Authenticity $20

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Certificate of Authenticity with a thorough explanation $50

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