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Hermes brings back the Kelly Danse II bag. Here's why you need it

Hermes brings back the Kelly Danse II bag. Here's why you need it

Kelly Danse II, a versatile small purse, is being relaunched by Hermes in July 2019.

While keeping the classics (Birkin and the Hermes Kelly bag), Hermes is always watching the latest trends. One of the major trends in recent years is large bags make way for smaller purses. Fashion bloggers are not hunting for any Birkin or Kelly, they are trying to score a 20/25 version. 

renee zelwegger kelly danse bag

Hermes Kelly Danse was first released in 2008 and then discontinued around 2013.

The Kelly Danse II comes without a top handle, measuring 22 cm at its widest and 16.5 cm high, with a trapezoid shape that’s a sign of the 
Kelly line of bags. In total, you can wear 

What's the difference between Kelly Danse I and Kelly Danse II?

At the moment there's no solid information on the style differences. They seem to look exactly the same. However, if Hermes Kelly Danse I was produced in Swift leather, Hermes Kelly Danse II is said to be released in Veau Jonathan (that's very close to Swift) that was introduced in 2018.

 If you know there's another difference, leave us a comment.

See our video on how you can wear the Kelly Danse, mostly due to the versatile strap which comes with a drop length ranging from 58 cm to 70 cm, depending on how you adjust it.

The Hermes Kelly Danse is a great alternative to a Mini Kelly (20 cm). First, it looks exactly the same but without a top handle. Second, it's very lightweight. Both Swift and Veau Jonathan are quite lightweight plus the bag doesn't have a lot of hardware.

Is Hermes Kelly Danse II hard to get?

Hermes Kelly Danse bag is a part of the Kelly line, which means it's not easier to get than a Kelly. Considering the increased demand for smaller purses, if you ever get offered a Kelly Danse grab it. It's the most versatile piece for your Hermes collection.

If you consider buying a vintage version of Hermes Kelly Danse (I), we happen to have an Hermes Kelly Danse I in stock at an excellent price. Buy Hermes Kelly Danse from Bagaholic - don't.

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