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ugliest louis vuitton bags

6 Ugliest Louis Vuitton Bags Ever Released

After years of creating beautiful purses for all of us, fashion houses get tired of creating trendy bags. They need to impress the public and add some fresh touch to their collections. So they create something controversial and hideous. Here are the 6 ugliest Louis Vuitton bags ever released.

While you may be longing for a Neverfull or Speedy, there are some bags you never want to see in person, leaving alone spending several thousands of dollars to buy an ugly purse.

Look at the bags below and share your opinion. Would you want any of them?


Louis Vuitton “Garbage” Bag

2007 has witnessed many important events, still, the Spring Louis Vuitton Collection was the worst. It was extremely eclectic, leaving one wondering how to wear this mish-mash of details. One of the pieces released at that time was this tote inspired by plastic laundry carriers. It's hard to call a white checked plastic carry-bag a true masterpiece.

You may be surprised to hear it was created while Marc Jacobs was the head of Louis Vuitton. Same Mark Jacobs who gave us some of the most amazing limited editions from Stephen Sprouse and Takashi Murakami.

Some would call it an odd, but stylish everyday bag for the chosen, some would say a kitchen garbage bag.

It's up to you to decide which side to choose.

The original retail price was $1960.


Louis Vuitton Goat Hair Transsiberian Bag

Taken from the Fall/Winter 2012-2013 collection, this furry item is made of dip-dyed long hair goat fur. The Transsiberian Railway that connects Moscow to the Russian Far East and the Sea of Japan became the source of inspiration to create this bag. It would be a perfect toy for your pet if only it weren't $4750.

If you've been dreaming about getting a furry friend but for some reason, you can't at the moment, the Louis Vuitton Transsiberian may become your favorite bag.


Two-in-One Bag: Louis Vuitton Double Jeu Neo-Alma Bag

The two-in-one nature of this head-turning invention is obvious! If you look closely there are two separate bags made of different leathers - the Monogram embossed leather Louis Vuitton Alma is mixed with a separate bag made of jacquard textiles with metallic threads. The good news is that you can wear them separately, producing totally different looks!

Probably it's a good piece of art but why would you need a bag in a bag?

The original retail price was  $4500.


Louis Vuitton Underground Duffle Bag

The Underground Duffle Bag can be viewed as one of the oddest creations of the Louis Vuitton Fashion House. The bag is made of multicolored leather, headphone cords, and bright resin beads mixed up together. It was released in 2010 with an original retail price of $4200. Well, at least you can wear it in five various ways!


Louis Vuitton Urban Satchel Bag

Made of the top quality Italian leather, this creation of Louis Vuitton Spring Summer 2008 Bag Collection is one of the most expensive and controversial bags of the LV brand. Its original retail price was – remember to breathe in - €125,000.

The famous purse looks like someone took your garbage and glued it together and it's not far from the truth. It was made from recycled items such as water bottles, cigarette packs and chewing gum wrappers.

This handcrafted 'miracle' of the Fashion House was promoted by Ashley Olsen. It's also considered to be the most expensive Louis Vuitton Handbag ever released.

125.000??? Are you kidding me???

Louis Vuitton Comme des Garçons' Rei Kawakubo Tote Bag

Priced at nearly $3,000, this cheesy tote bag should definitely be on the list! One can't help but compare this two-hole bag to, say, a slice of Swiss cheese. Original Monogram canvas and collaboration with famous Japanese designer Rei Kawakubo may be the reason why this bag is completely sold out.
Now, what would you use it for?

Louis Vuitton Tribute Patchwork Bag

Louis Vuitton expensive scrap bag

2007 Louis Vuitton Spring Summer collection was one of a kind. Not only the Frech fashion house released the Garbage bag, but they also released their most expensive bag (at that time), the Scrap Bag. The bag combined pieces of 15 bags released in the same collection. Only 24 purses were released and they were sold in minutes.

How much did they pay to Beyonce for taking this baby out? She seems happy.

The retail price was $45,000.

louis vuitton ugly tribute patchwork beyonce

After reviewing this list, we got back to our showroom in love with the bags we're selling. Some strange Louis Vuitton creations are yet to come, however, most of their purses are the ultimate girl's dream.

Shop now at Bagaholic and get the purse you'll fall in love with. We're not selling any from the above list :)

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