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How Can a Louis Vuitton Bag With Receipt Be a Replica?

As an authentication company, we get a lot of question regarding our decisions. One of the most popular questions customers ask comes up when a luxury handbag that is in question is deemed fake, while it comes with a receipt.

This article will answer why a preowned designer bag with original packaging and a receipt might still be fake.

We've purchased over 1000+ used Louis Vuitton items from private sellers, consignment and thrift stores, so we know how you feel whenever you're purchasing a preowned purse from a private seller. It's exciting but also scary. You're spending a big sum. You need to be sure you're spending it wisely and that the item is authentic.

Having said that, we've also witnessed pretty much all the possible scams to understand how to stay safe from shady transactions. So let's discuss it.


How Can a Designer Bag With Receipt Be a Replica?

Let's look at a typical Louis Vuitton receipt. Even though they vary in terms of paper from region to region, the information on the receipt is pretty much the same and includes:

  • purchase date
  • style number that consists on a letter and 6 digits, such as M90022 (NOTE: It's not a date code!)
  • item's name, i.e. a 'Louis Vuitton Monogram Neverfull bag'
  • item's price

Note that receipt does not include a date code. And even if it did, unlike Chanel serial numbers, LV date codes are not unique.


Why You Shouldn't Trust Receipts

All in all, there are 2 reasons you don't have to trust receipts when it comes to second-hand bags. While listing the handbag, scammers use:

1) Real receipts taken from authentic bags

2) Fake receipts

Let's explore both options one-by-one.


Real receipts

Now imagine someone has two items of the same style in their possession, say, two Louis Vuitton Monogram Neverfulls with the same interior. One is an authentic handbag with receipt, another one is a replica. Then they take the fake bag and include a real receipt with it. 

Here comes the big question: how would you know that the receipt comes from another purse?

And the honest answer is that there's no way you could do that.

If you think that buying an authentic item for its receipt is quite an expensive way for a scammer to sell a fake, you're absolutely right. That's why they usually either purchase an authentic receipt separately on marketplaces that sell used items, or just buy fake receipts.

Why would someone want to sell a receipt, you can ask. Well, probably for the same reason people sell boxes and further original packaging. They don't use it, don't need it.


Fake receipts

Authentic Louis Vuitton receipts don't look the same. Most often they are printed on thick yellowish signature paper from Louis Vuitton. Not all the stores always have this paper, plus there are popups, duty-free stores, and a lot of regional peculiarities that prevent the receipts from a total unification.

Fake receipts exist in a multitude of versions. Some of them can easily be distinguished as they contain blatant spelling errors. Other receipts are more advanced and can only be distinguished by the font. There are also receipts that look very much alike with authentic receipts. Like the one above. It's fake.

However, the point is that when you're authenticating an item, it doesn't matter whether a receipt is real or not. As authenticators, we only look at the item itself for a good reason. Because we have seen it all. Fake bags with authentic receipts (happens very often), authentic bags with fake cards (almost never happens but miracles are still possible), authentic bags with receipts from other items, buyers selling authentic purses but lying about purchase dates etc.


What About Other Brands?

Alright, Louis Vuitton bags can come with fake receipts.

But what about other brands, such as YSL, Gucci, Chanel?

YSL and Gucci are very similar to Louis Vuitton. Their serial numbers are no unique and of course counterfeiters have learned to copy them.

Chanel is a little different but not essentially. Yes, their serials are unique, but both authenticity cards and receipts can be easily forged. After all, if someone can forge bills that have multiple protection layers, unfortunately, copying a receipt is not a problem at all.


My Experience of Dealing with Scammers

In almost every possible scenario, whenever you come across a fake bag with a real receipt, you'll hear quite a story. The purse was purchased in Paris, in Berlin. Because, like it or not, that's what you want to hear.

And I get it. I used to be a buyer for many years. Whenever I really wanted to buy a purse, especially an expensive one, I was are looking for a confirmation that I made a correct decision, something that will make me feel good and confident that the purchase is going my way. That I won't be losing the money. A beautiful story on how a bag was purchased in a romantic setting in Paris. And a receipt confirming that story. 

But you know what? Years ago I purchased a beautiful limited edition Speedy stone. From a seller I knew who was selling dozens of other authentic Louis Vuitton items. With a valid date code that replicated the original date code almost perfectly. It had a receipt, the one on the yellowish paper. I was totally convinced the purse was real unless I stated taking pictures for sale.

I noticed that the Louis Vuitton font is wrong. When I tried to talk to this woman, she insisted that the purse was real. Then she blocked me. I lost about $1,000 and started to learn how to authenticate. And also learned about scams.

While there are sellers unaware of the item being not authentic, most sellers who are listing a fake item with real/fake receipts are pretty much aware of what they're doing. 

Whenever you confront the seller by telling them the purse is a replica, they'll always insist that it's authentic. After all, people don't say 'I'm sorry, I just wanted to sell you a fake'.

I really hope that by sharing this I can prevent you from giving away your hard-earned money too.


How to Prevent Falling Into Scams

If you need to authenticate Louis Vuitton, you can order professional authentication services from us for $10 only.

Bagaholic has a zero tolerance for counterfeit items. We encourage our buyers to purchase authentic preloved production from the world's leading designer brands by ordering professional Louis Vuitton authentication service for the items before purchase.

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