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Is Authentic Louis Vuitton Made in Spain?

Is Authentic Louis Vuitton Made in Spain?

Is Authentic Louis Vuitton Made in Spain?

As Louis Vuitton is a renowned French brand, many people believe that all Louis Vuitton handbags are made in France. Is there a chance that a Louis Vuitton bag made in Spain is authentic? Let's take a look at some authentic Louis Vuitton handbags and see where they were produced.

Where was my Louis Vuitton bag made?

If you ever asked yourself this question, the answer is very straightforward. To learn where a Louis Vuitton bag was made you need to examine the bag and fid a made in the heat stamp. It looks like this:


louis vuitton bags made in france spain authentic heatstamps

The shape and color of the heat stamp vary from one style to another. Sometimes it's on the rectangular leather tag inside the bag, on some styles, it's on the front part of the bag (Delightful), on one of the sides (Alma and NeoNoe). It can also be embossed into the inner lining (Speedy Multicolor).

Is authentic Louis Vuitton made in Spain and are bags made in Spain authentic?

louis vuitton made in spain

is authentic louis vuitton made in spain


In fact, authentic Louis Vuitton bags are made not only in France but also in Spain, Italy, USA, Switzerland, and Germany. Here are some heat stamps from authentic Louis Vuitton bags.

Here are some examples of authentic Louis Vuitton heat stamps:

Made in Spain

While the majority of Louis Vuitton bags are still made in France, there are some styles that are produced in Spain, for instance, Louis Vuitton Artsy Empreinte

louis vuitton lv made in spain


Made in Italy

Most Louis Vuitton purses made in Italy are limited editions. It seems like the Italians know everything about fashion and style.

louis vuitton made in itely


louis vuitton made in italy

What is there is no country listed in the Louis Vuitton bag?

On some Louis Vuitton items the heatstamp looks like this:

louis vuitton lv authentic heatstamp made in usa

It means that the item was made in the USA. Seeing the made in USA heat stamp is also very normal.

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  • Posted by Nick on

    BELTS monogram multicolor murakami are made in Spain but why on a few they also have made in France on the underside of the metal buckles ?

  • Posted by Brett McIntosh on

    My Louis Vuitton bag says Made in France it’s the black monogram bag with the LV logos going across the bag in all different colors do I’m just totally happy to find out that my bag is completely authentic because I had paid the full cash amount just wanted to be certain I hadn’t purchased from a counterfeit whole seller since I ordered online I payed $735.00 and that was on black Friday special deals of the new years there website was offering around Christmas time right around new years eve at the end of last year price PLUS ALSO ONE MORE SPECIAL DISCOUNT off checkout total before my purchase was finalized for my Louis Vuitton Bag a 25% off total amount of purchase which after I applied the 25% off total amount it came to total of $735.00 with 25%, off my entire purchase and the black Friday new years deals which made my first purchase on the website to be shipped to me within a week after my purchase was finalized and completed via payment successfully sent to seller and my next item automatically now will automatically be 25% off once again plus free shipping for me whenever I purchase next item from the Louis Vuitton bags website I bought my first bag from I’m very happy with my purchase since I found out the real exact amount/current-value of my black monogram all colored Louis Vuitton bag and I thought I had payed a little too much for it but I payed right around half the amount of what it’s currently selling for used on places online and I purchased mine Brand New From Louis Vuitton Actual Warehouse/Merchandise-Store located in Paris, France I’m always happy with Louis Vuitton products over it major brands they are the number one top best designer brand that’s out there still making products each and every day on the market still to this day love this brand!!

  • Posted by Juan Alarcón on

    Buenas tardes, me gustaría hacer una consulta tengo un taller insolite con interior red, el artículo tiene un código de fabricación de Francia, pero en su sello interior me aparece Made in spain, es evidente que es falso ? O suele pasar eso?, Espero me puedan ayudar con esa duda 🙏

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