Louis Vuitton Price Increase (US) Oct 2019

Well, last week surprised us with another price increase. Popular items like Speedy, Alma, NeoNoe, Favorite and Neverfull are now even more expensive.

Why Louis Vuitton Keeps Increasing Prices?

There are many reasons LV has to increase prices every year

1. Everything's becoming more expensive

Unfortunately just like the cost of living goes up so does everything else. To be expected with everything in life. In 1979 the speedy 25 was only $150, today it's $1,050.

The company has to compensate all the increases in delivery prices, staff salaries, rent etc.

2. Premium brand has to stay premium

Louis Vuitton is a premium brand that is all about exclusivity. Not everyone can afford it and that's the point. It has to be special. If they give up price increases, the items will eventually become affordable to everyone and lose their value.

3. Sense of urgency and investment opportunity

Louis Vuitton increases their prices pretty much every year. On the one hand, it makes you aware that it's better to buy a handbag today that tomorrow as tomorrow you'll pay more. On the other side, it makes a luxury handbag an investment opportunity as the prices will keep increasing and the bag will keep its value.


Louis Vuitton Price Increase Oct 2019

 Here are the new prices compared to old

Bag  Before price increase After price increase
Louis Vuitton Speedy 25 $1,000 $1,050
Louis Vuitton Speedy 30 $1,030 $1,070
Louis Vuitton Speedy 25 Bandouliere $1,430 $1,490
Louis Vuitton Speedy 30 Bandouliere $1,450 $1,510
Louis Vuitton Neverfull PM $1,240 $1,310
Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM $1,320 $1,390
Louis Vuitton Neverfull GM $1,400 $1,470
Louis Vuitton NeoNoe $1,590 $1,650
Louis Vuitton Alma BB $1,230 $1,320


All prices for the most wanted items like Speedy, Neverfull and NeoNoe have gone up by $50-$70.

A popular Neverfull MM is now $1,390 (was $1,320). Last year it went up $50, this year $70. 


What Pisses Us Off

Apart from a standard rant over a fact that you have to pay more for the item that hasn't changed in terms of quality or comfort, there's more. Louis Vuitton customers know that the quality of their items is decreasing.

You buy a bag for over $1,000 and you wanna believe it'll be your favorite item for years to come. However, in several months you end up returning the item to the boutique due to a strange problem.

Each year that are more and more issues with canvas items. There are cracks, corners get rubs after a month and in general, the canvas appears to be thinner.

If there's a problem with a canvas item, Louis Vuitton will probably either replace the item for a new one or give you the store credit. Some will say you have an amazing opportunity to change the bags every other month. However, if I purchase a bag, it means I really love it. I don't want a store credit or any other bag. If they replace it for a new one, that's awesome but how can I be sure my new same bag won't have the same problem if these were manufactured approximately during the same time?

So the only party winning here is Louis Vuitton.

I want you to get this correct. I'm their fan. I loved the company since I was a little child. But reading 10+ stories a day on their poor quality makes me wanna switch to YSL or Gucci (quality of Chanel is decreasing too).

What do you think? Share your thoughts! 

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  • Posted by Rachel on

    I agree. The quality continues to go down while the price continues to go up. I almost wonder if it’s worth buying any luxury items anymore. I have considered switching to YSL myself. That may actually be my next bag. The LouLou. As for the Neverfull’s quality, I do think they are trying to make improvements to make it more durable and get back to the way they used to make them when they lasted for twenty years! They’ve seemed to have changed the trim that goes around the top of the bag with a hardier, thicker leather. It also appears to be lightly treated to avoid those dreaded water spots, while still allowing it to develop a patina. Now they just need to work on the Damier Ebene Neverfull so it will stop having all the cracking issues with the trim and straps.

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