Q&A: Does Louis Vuitton Offer Bag Spa Service/Bag Cleaning?

Buying a Louis Vuitton bag is a dream for many girls around the world. For the fortunate ones, the dream came true. However, as a luxury bag owner at some point, you will face the problem of cleaning and caring about your bag.

Your precious bag got dirty. What do you do? Will you go to the Louis Vuitton store trying to repair it?

It depends on the type of cleaning you need. Aaaand your budget.

1) Large Budget (I'll Do What It Takes)

Overall, Louis Vuitton does not offer bag spa services. They won’t clean your bag, no matter which bag you have or when you purchased the bag.

What they do is they can replace some parts of your bag with new ones. With the Speedy, there’s only one part that can’t be replaced. It’s the canvas, the brown material with the LV initials. The good news is that can replace everything else - the inside lining, handles, vachetta (leather parts), zipper, etc.

Be prepared for a heavy check. Replacing all the vachetta leather parts may cost like half of a new bag. However, if you only want to replace one little leather tab, it’ll be less than 100$.


2) Medium & Low Budget (The Less, The Better)

Now if you want to spend a very small amount, you may just use a bag spa service or a local cobbler. Their prices are reasonable. The only problem you'll have in this case is everyone's using their own cleaning tools and you may be surprised by the result.

3) Other options

Meanwhile, instead of cleaning your bag, you may consider selling it and either buying a new one or buying a preloved bag in great condition. Whenever you’re interested in a preloved Louis Vuitton bag, feel free to visit our website www.lvbagaholic.com. We specialize in unique limited editions and all of our items are guaranteed to be authentic.

Another option is to learn how to clean the bag yourself. We'll launch a Bag Spa course soon and we'll publish a lot of care tips.


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    I need to replace the zipper tag on my old satchel bag, someone cut the tag, but I will be happy with a zipper pull. Please help.

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