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How Much Did a Louis Vuitton Speedy Bag Cost 30 Years Ago?

How Much Did a Louis Vuitton Speedy Bag Cost 30 Years Ago?

If you consider purchasing a Louis Vuitton bag, Speedy will definitely make it into the shortlist. A lightweight, versatile bag with history is also a great investment piece.

I've always heard that Birkins and Kellys are a great investment. Now, what about Louis Vuitton? Speedy has been around for 90 years. Is Louis Vuitton's most popular luxury bag a good investment?

Being the first-ever handbag from Louis Vuitton, it was always an expensive purse that only the lucky ones could afford.

  • In 1979 Speedy 25 was 150$
  • In 1998 Speedy 25 was 325$
  • In 2002 Speedy 25 was 430$
  • In 2018 Speedy 25 is 1000$

That being said, it does not mean that the price of the bag is skyrocketing. Actually, in 1979 150$ was pretty much similar to 1000$ in 2018. However, this bag keeps its value and is becoming a more prestigious piece every year.

You're definitely not losing the money with this purchase.


  • Posted by Doris on

    I brought my first Louis Vuitton Speedy 25 at Macy’s in Herald Square in 2019 or 2000. I paid $447.00 for the iconic bag. Now today (2022), the Speedy Bandouliere 25 is $1820.00. I am purchasing the Speedy Bandouliere 30 for $1890.00.

  • Posted by Jimena on

    Me gustaría venderla tengo el bolso speedy de 40cm

  • Posted by tamib on

    In 1985 a friend brought a medium speedy back from Roma while visiting and I paid her back 60 USD. I sold it in 2012 for $165. It had been quite used, but still clean.

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