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  • New Louis Vuitton Handbags from Louis Vuitton Cruise 2022 Collection (with prices!)

    As 2021 is crawling to its end, the minds of fashion lovers are already looking at the next season trends. Where else to search for stylish inspiration if not in the new collections of luxury brands? So here they are – absolutely new Louis Vuitton handbags from Louis Vuitton Cruise 2022 Collectio... View Post
  • All the New Accessories from Louis Vuitton Cruise 2022

    On June 15, 2021, Louis Vuitton showed the world its new Cruise 2022 collection. Various models of clothing and accessories were presented. But since we specialize in handbags, we are mostly interested in discussing them. The collection features a few new original leather bags, as well as updated... View Post