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Price List

The price of an authentication depends on your item's type and the extra services you'd like to add.

There are two types of authentication based on the value of an item you're authenticating. You'll find this explanation after the price list.

Authentication price list (any brand)

All prices are clickable and lead to the service, the service will open in a new window.


Regular items (secondhand value under $2,500) Expensive/new items (secondhand value over $2,500)
Verbal Authentication 



Verbal Authentication + Market Price (+$4.99) $14.99 $24.99
Verbal Authentication + Identification (+$4.99) $14.99 $24.99
Verbal Authentication + Identification (+$4.99) + Market Price (+$4.99) $19.98 $29.98
Certificate of Authenticity  $25 $35
Certificate of Authenticity  + Market Price (+$4.99) $29.99 $39.99
Certificate of Authenticity + Identification (+$4.99) $29.99 $39.99
Certificate of Authenticity + Identification (+$4.99) + Market Price (+$4.99) $34.98 $44.98
Certificate of Authenticity with Explanation $50



Regular Item Authentication (under $2,500)

Any item with secondhand value under $2,500. That includes almost all Gucci and YSL items, most popular Louis Vuitton items (Speedy, Neverfull etc) and most Dior items.


Expensive Item Authentication (over $2,500)

An item valued over $2,500 (secondhand) is usually either a very rare limited edition or one of the newer items. Generally, these types of items require more time to be investigated as there are almost perfect replicas on the market. Exotic items are also included in this category.


Additional Services

Item Identification

We'll provide item's full name, material, color, collection, release year if possible.

Market price

We'll provide an approximate value of the secondhand item with its set and condition in mind.