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Designer Handbag Evaluation (Approximate Price)

  • $4.99

Did you inherit a Louis Vuitton purse? Received it as a present? Or maybe you're just wondering if you're overpaying for a designer bag you're about to purchase on the resale market.

Order this designer item evaluation option if you're interested in the following:

- if the handbag  you're purchasing is a great deal

- what is a realistic price for your bag or another luxury item

We'll provide an approximate price considering the item's condition and price evaluation on the secondhand market. If the item is still in production, we'll also provide its retail price.

Example response:

This handbag retails for $3,325. On the secondhand market, it goes for approximately $1,500, so anything below $1,500 is a great deal. If you're selling, you may try to list it for more and see if there's a buyer for it.