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How To Become a Luxury Handbag Reseller Online Course - PART 1

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  • $1,499.00

Are luxury handbags your passion? It's time to turn the tables and make every designer bag purchase an investment rather than spending.

Stop being ashamed of being a bag addict–embrace it by making scrolling your Instagram feed admiring other’s bag collections from your guilty pleasure to a profitable business–no matter how bad the economy is.

Imagine being able to transform your guilty pleasure into a highly profitable business that can serve as a ​second income stream​ and nets you ​3​, ​4​, or even ​5 figures on a monthly basis... 

Right now, there’s a ​massive opportunity ​for wealth through the luxury secondhand market, which is great news, especially for those who have passion sprees for indulging in fashion wear!


How To Invest in Luxury Handbags - PART 1 Includes:

  • 2 hours 9 minutes  of on-demand videos
  • 8 lessons
  • 8 downloadable materials
  • Quiz after each lesson 
  • Certificate of completion



This is the first part out of 3 parts of the course.




Module 1:

An Introduction & First Steps Into The Waters 


  • After researching the market, fall madly in love with the process of selling luxury handbags (it’s inevitable!). You’ll realize just how much money can be made, and you’ll begin to want more and more. That’s a good thing because this market is a massively lucrative opportunity for you to tap into.

  • Overcome all your limiting beliefs in business, and unleash your true passion for luxury reselling.

  • Learn how you can start your journey from scratch - even with minimal amounts of capital, and still turn your venture into a powerful business! 


  • Introduction to authenticating luxury handbags
  • Why Investing in Luxury Handbags Is a Great Opportunity (Market research)
  • 4 Ways to Start Investing In Luxury Handbags (even if you're not ready to invest right now)

Module 2:

Hit Those Sweet Spots! 


  • Attain a deep understanding of the sweetest spots within the luxury market: specific brandsprecise segments and unique handbags that are proven to be excellent investments in the long run.

  • Learn all about what's a great deal and pricing works in the world of luxury handbags, and how you can use it to your advantage and to precisely determine which price to purchase, list, and sell at.

  • Get access to an exclusive investment calculator that'll help you define whether a handbag you're eyeing is a good investment.


  • Most Profitable Luxury Brands for Reselling/Investing
  • How Luxury Market Works - Uniqueness of Each Brand Explained
  • Specific Market Segments to Target for Maximum Profit
  • Learning How to Find Good Deals and Opportunities
  • Pricing: When to Hit the Buy Button


Select the option which is right for you:

  • Online course (no support): we'll provide access to the course but there's no support
  • Online course (support included): we'll provide access and you'll have a personal manager via WhatsApp to ask any questions


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