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Louis Vuitton White Multicolor Monogram Ursula Bag

  • $899.00
  • $2,480.00

Louis Vuitton White Multicolor Monogram Ursula Bag is a part of the highly coveted Monogram Multicolor collection.

The Louis Vuitton Monogram Multicolore collection is relatively new and was first introduced in spring 2003. The Japanese pop artist, Takashi Murakami decided to revamp the traditional monogram toile and give it a splash of color. He created a new vibrant canvas pallet with 33 silk-screened colors. Together with Marc Jacobs, the Multicolore line became a huge success! 


Condition rank: 8/10

Sings of wear: 

Overall the bag is in great condition. There are some watermarks, mostly on the bottom where you can't see them while wearing the bag. There's no original strap.

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