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Gucci Bamboo Backpack: Real vs. Fake Comparison

Gucci Bamboo Backpack: Real vs. Fake Comparison

A hot-selling backpack with an elegant bamboo top handle by Gucci is a chic addition to any outfit. This spacious bag is both convenient and stylish for going to college or even to work. The Bamboo collection has become signature for the fashion house, the brand even got a patent for this cute detail in 1958.

With bamboo bags being famous around the globe, there is a huge number of counterfeits. And while some shops aren't even ashamed to sell replicas, others sell cheap versions but claiming them real. For every fashion lover, nothing can be more devastating than spending a huge amount of money on a fake bag, especially if it's Gucci! However, you can learn how to spot a fake Gucci bag and buy the real deal.

Here is our real vs. fake comparison of a Gucci Bamboo backpack to save your time and money. 

When authenticating a backpack pay attention to all features combined, Gucci artisans make everything with care, while replica manufacturers try to make as many goods as possible. There are plenty of little details that tell you're looking at a real thing.

Let's start!


Leather quality

Gucci Bamboo Backpack: Real vs. Fake Comparison

Gucci Bamboo backpack is made of grained leather, and that's how you can easily spot a fake. Counterfeit products are made of cheap leather-like materials that appear to have a little gloss or shine, you can see the difference between the two backpacks on the photo above.

If you have a chance to examine the backpack before purchasing, you would tell the difference by touching the leather. But in some cases it becomes obvious already by just looking at the pictures. Leather of poor quality gives away a counterfeit product.



Shape and Structure

When you look at the pictures the difference between fake and real is distinctive. A Gucci bag will never be poorly structured, even made of soft leather. A real bamboo backpack is steady, while replica has a loose shape and looks untidy. Even with time, a real Bamboo backpack won't have such an awful structure as in the right picture.

Another detail to pay attention to is the drawstring closure. It looks shorter on the fake backpack, while on the original backpack it's long and has oversized tassels (one of the main features to give a backpack a girlish look). Absence of tassels is another thing telling you this bag is a fake.




Gucci Bamboo Backpack: Real vs. Fake Comparison Back

Here's another faka vs real Gucci Bamboo backpack comparison.

Flap closure on replicas is of poor quality, too soft and thin. You can notice on the photo how easily it loses its shape. No feature in a Gucci backpack is of poor quality! Flap edges should be rounded, sometimes on fake items, the flap closure is of oval shape.

Gucci embossing on the flap is another thing to tell you it is a fake. Is it too deep and noticeable? You're definitely looking at a replica. A Gucci bag doesn't scream Gucci. The material of a real Bamboo backpack should resist the embossing, that's why the brand name is hardly seen.




The handle is a significant feature of each Gucci Bamboo bag. It was introduced during war times, when artisans had to be creative to continue manufacturing luxury bags. Bamboo cane was imported from Japan, it was heated and bent to form a perfect semi-circle. If you are willing to know more about the history of Gucci bags and their leather and styles, check out our Ultimate Gucci Bags Guide.

You can notice the crucial difference in the shapes of the two bamboo handles in the pictures. It looks oval on the counterfeit backpack, and it is round (half of a circle) on the real one.

The color of the top handle is also something that can give away a counterfeit. The original Gucci medium bamboo backpacks have black handles. So if the one you are looking at is of a different colour, there is no doubt it is a fake. 




Interior Tag

Gucci Bamboo Backpack: Real vs. Fake Comparison Heat Stamp Gucci Made In

As the devil is in the detail, after looking at the exterior of the bag it's time to look inside. The interior tag is a must-have for every Gucci backpack, and it has its own important features. It has information on both sides. The front side of it has an encircled trademark symbol (R), below it there is the fashion house name in capital letters, the third row is the phrase 'made in Italy' (yes, only small letters).  Besides, the leather tag is always made of the same material as the backpack itself. 

Now pay attention to the tag in the right photo, the capital letter 'I' gives the fake bag away. And you can notice once again that in the left picture the embossing is hardly seen. Also look at the leather tag itself, on the fake backpack it has uneven edges and looks sloppy.




Serial number

Gucci Bamboo Backpack: Real vs. Fake Comparison Serial Number

The serial number of Gucci bags has been changed a lot. It's actually quite hard to authenticate an item using the interior tag only. First of all, Gucci serial number can be the same for different bags, as it contains information about style (first row) and supplier code (second row).

Three major features you need to know about Bamboo backpack serial numbers:

  • They might not be unique.
  • There are always two rows.
  • Serial code contains only numbers (no letters, no dashes, nothing else).

And again you can pay special attention on the embossing. It's the same leather, so serial number is hardly seen on the real tag (material resists deep embossing) and it is very deep on the counterfeit piece. Besides, rows in the right picture are very close to each other, which is also a sign of a replica.

If you'd like to improve your skills in authenticating Gucci bags, read our article on how to read a Gucci serial number

Replicas are flooding the market, they are getting better and it can be hard to tell what you actually pay for. To avoid spending money on Gucci made in China we advise getting a professional authentication before a purchase.

Need To Authenticate a Gucci Bag?

If you're purchasing a Gucci Bamboo bag preloved, it's important to check if it's real or fake.

At Bagaholic, we've had over 10 years of hands-on experience with authentic  Gucci items. Our mission is to protect buyers of secondhand designer bags, as we understand how close counterfeiters are getting to copying real Gucci bags.

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