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gucci the making of book review

'Gucci: The Making Of': An Honest Book Review From a Handbag Professional

'Gucci: The Making Of' is one of the must-haves for a fashion lover. Let me share why I think this is the first thing you should get for your personal library or for your Gucci-obsessed (in a good way, obviously!) friend.

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'Gucci: The Making Of': Review

I purchased this book as I first read recommendations on a bag forum. Hesitant for a while due to its hefty price tag, one day I just pulled the trigger and ordered it. As it's original retail price is close to $100 (you can often come across a few discounts though), you'd want to be sure you're getting something worthy of the price tag, right? That's why I'm sharing this review with you.

This book covers how Gucci became such a highly coveted brand, from its origins to the most recent advertising campaigns. As it was published in 2011, it's missing a decade of the Gucci boom, however, you'll never notice as the book will captivate your interest in a blink of an eye and will probably become your favorite coffee table book.

I believe if you only have to choose one book on fashion, this is the only book on Gucci you'll ever need. Except for the Gucci brand guide on our website.

Just joking!

This book is a celebration of an over 100-year old history of the fashion house. It has a lot of chapters, which are not too extensive, which mostly reminds of a fashion magazine that you just glancing over when you want to lay your eyes on something stunning.

gucci the making of book review

Gucci origins, prints, founders, stamps, materials, iconic bags, advertising campaigns, creative directors - all the milestones that Gucci hit over the years are here. It's an interesting recollection of the Italian fashion house heritage for anyone interested in the Gucci craftsmanship.

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Here are some of the reasons to choose this book.


A perfect present

Whether you prefer this book as a present to yourself, or to your loved one, it's a great read. A heavy, high-quality print makes it an ideal present for almost any occasion. As it's multifaceted, it's an engaging read for anyone interested in fashion, art, entrepreneurship, and contemporary culture.


A great decoration

Due to its size and monumental volume, this book will serve as a decoration for your library or coffee table. The only thing I regret is that the cover that you seen on pictures is a removable paper cover and the book itself is not as recognizable.


A Gucci Encyclopedia

Finally a book that covers some of the Gucci stamps over years! Gucci is a brand that was never easy for authenticating, especially when it comes to vintage Gucci bags authentication. The variety of stamps and marks that Gucci used throughout years is impressive and this book will provide a better understanding of their milestones.

Don't expect a guide to Gucci authentication though as the data on release years is scattered.


High-Quality Printing

gucci the making of book review

I have to admin, I love old-school printed books. The ones that smell of childhood and your grandma's library as you open them. It's much more than just reading, it's a comprehensive experience that you dive into with all your 6 senses.

Obviously, you don't purchase a book just because of high-quality printing, but when the read is great, it polished pages add up to a one-of-a-kind experience.

I promise you'll be blown away by the way the story connects with the physical pages. Some pages texture imitates historical documents, other just let you explore the world of Gucci and appreciate the story of a fashion house and its craftsmanship.



'Gucci: The Making Of' makes a perfect present for someone in love with fashion and brands. Consider it a Gucci encyclopedia, which has a bit of everything: history, iconic items, catwalk pictures, authentication tips.  I highly recommend it both as a present or a guilty pleasure for yourself.


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