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  • Gucci Marmont Price Reference Guide 2022 [US]

    This Gucci Marmont US Price List reflects how much Gucci bags are in the United States in 2022. While GG interlocking logo was first designed in the 70s, it wasn't until 2016 that Gucci GG Marmont collection in matelasse leather was released and instantly became omnipresent. This collection is sy... View Post
  • Gucci Marmont Price Reference Guide 2022 [EU, Italy]

    This Gucci Marmont reference guide provides a thorough overview of the Marmont collection prices in Europe, including the homeland of the trademark, Italy. While GG interlocking logo was first designed in 70s, it wasn't until 2015 that Gucci GG Marmont collection in matelasse leather was released... View Post
  • Gucci Accessory Collection Reference Guide & Authentication Tips

    Gucci history is rich and diverse. You may have come across very different items. The Gucci Accessory Collection idea was conceived in the late 1970s. The collection was launched in 1979 by Gucci's Perfume division managed by Aldo Gucci. Unlike Gucci's main business focused on travel canvas lugga... View Post
  • 10 Best Post-COVID Gucci Factory Outlets' Locations in the US You Need to Check Out

    Whether you're looking for a Gucci bag or a Gucci dress on sale, you can definitely find one for less than retail at one of the many Gucci outlets in the United States. However, not only it was always challenging to find premium Italian brand outlets while researching online, it also became even... View Post
  • Which Gucci Purse To Buy: Gucci Soho vs Gucci Marmont

    There’s no denying that we are currently witnessing a tremendous comeback of Gucci. The Italian fashion house has definitely had its highs and lows throughout the history but exploded in popularity in recent years. With the sales growing bigger and bigger, every fashionista is now craving a Gucci... View Post
  • Gucci Aria Collection: Gucci Celebrates Its 100th Anniversary

    In 2021, Gucci, a Florentine luxury fashion house, celebrates 100 years. The first festive event was the Aria show with the anniversary collection. Gucci showed the  Gucci Aria Collection (in Italian "air"), in which creative director Alessandro Michele has combined the anti-conformist rigor of D... View Post
  • Which Brand Is Better: Louis Vuitton vs Gucci

    According to Brand Finance’s annual report published in 2020, Louis Vuitton and Gucci were named the two most valuable luxury fashion brands. The value of each brand has increased more than 20% if compared to 2019, which currently make them the most recognizable and preferred brands in the appare... View Post
  • Top 13 Timeless Luxury Handbags Every Fashionista Must Have in Their Collection

    Every brand has its own iconic model that is worthy of investment and lasts for a long time. This designer handbag will make your already amazing closet even more stylish though it may not satisfy all your practical needs. In this article, we will be reviewing 13 most iconic luxury designer handb... View Post