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How Can You Protect The Environment By Buying Luxury Handbags: Pre-Loved Luxury and Sustainability

How Can You Protect The Environment By Buying Luxury Handbags: Pre-Loved Luxury and Sustainability

Every year the fashion world produces more than 150 billion clothes, shoes and accessories, half of which are soon thrown into the trash as useless. Consumers do not even think about how much our planet suffers from this. In this article we are going to talk about how we unconsciously pollute the world and how we can protect the environment by buying pre-loved luxury.

Fashion Industry - One of the Most Polluting Industries in The World

How Can You Protect The Environment By Buying Luxury Handbags: Pre-Loved Luxury and Sustainability pile of clothes


The fashion industry is one of the most dangerous for the environment. The light industry sector annually pollutes the planet with more than 1.5 billion tons of greenhouse gas, which can be compared to pollution from the mining and manufacturing industries.

The most dangerous for the planet are manufacturers of low-quality cheap clothing. They encourage buying new things every season, so that a couple of months later, when they no longer look good or even break,  people throw them away and come to buy new ones.

Such clothes are made of low-quality materials, colored with synthetic dyes, they quickly lose their shape, even more so after washing, and become unusable within six months.

And the solution is pretty obvious: you need to give up purchasing cheap synthetic clothes and make a choice in favor of goods of higher quality.


How Sustainable Is Shopping Pre-Owned?

How Can You Protect The Environment By Buying Luxury Handbags: Pre-Loved Luxury and Sustainability pre-owned clother rack


The term “sustainable fashion” was first mentioned in 1987 in a report of the UN Commission on environment and development, known as the Brundtlandt Commission, named after Norwegian politician Harlem Brundtlandt. The key idea of sustainable development is based on a balance of resources between generations and economic growth that does not lead to environmental degradation.

The phrase “sustainable fashion” has long gone beyond the professional vocabulary of the fashion industry and entered everyday use. In 2020, the issue of responsible consumption is not just a fashion trend, but a necessary measure. The threat of global warming and environmental pollution is not just a concern for eco-activists today.

Both large corporations and niche fashion brands are fighting against excessive consumption in order to rethink the approach to production. How are the ideas of sustainable fashion around the world changing consumer habits?

One of the main principles of sustainable fashion is to purchase pre-owned things, high-quality ones made of natural materials, or shopping sustainable fashion brands.

In progressive countries, second-hand clothes and accessories are the choice of both - ordinary people and avid fashionistas - and this is no longer considered something inappropriate or shameful, and doesn't affect your social status. On the contrary, you get a trendy designer item at a very good price. 


Is Sustainability the Main Reason of the Secondhand Luxury Market Rise? designer bags


Market research over the past few years shows that the population's interest in second-hand goods has been constantly growing. According to Boston Consulting Group, the value of the global pre-owned luxury market  reached $1.38 trillion in 2019. The predictions for the upcoming 2021 are even more optimistic: the growth will reach up to 9%.

Today we are observing a shift in consumers' behavior. People are no longer obsessed with the idea of packing their closets with every possible pair of jeans, they are actually a little fed up with mass market releasing tons of clothes and handbags every season. By the way, if you have a lot of designer pairs of jeans you don't wear anymore, here are some tips on How To Clean Out Your Designer Closet and Make Extra Cash as well as 40+ Best Places To Sell Your Used Clothes Online For Cash

That is why sustainability has become the main reason of the secondhand luxury market rise. More and more people are getting concerned with ways to protect the environment and want something that will serve them long.

Buying pre-loved luxury handbags is one of the solutions. Luxury purses are of such good quality that can be resold many times over the coming years, and every new owner will absolutely enjoy their purchase as they usually remain in very good condition. Moreover, you don't only get something pretty but also protect the environment.

We listed other reasons of the secondhand luxury market rise in our article titled The Rise of Pre-Owned Luxury: Why Has It Become So Popular? Check it out!


Contributing to Sustainability With Bagaholic

How Can You Protect The Environment By Buying Luxury Handbags: Pre-Loved Luxury and Sustainability bagaholic shop

How does Bagaholic promote sustainability?

We, at Bagaholic, offer our customers only 100% authentic pre-loved items from the world-famous brands, and that means that they are manufactured from quality long-lasting materials. 

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After all, we should all start caring about our planet, and the sooner we all understand that, the better, then why not choose a way to protect the environment by buying luxury handbags which is both conscious and pleasant?  

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