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How Celebrities Style Louis Vuitton Bumbag + A Bagaholic's Guide to Prices and Styles

How Celebrities Style Louis Vuitton Bumbag + A Bagaholic's Guide to Prices and Styles

The Bumbag from Louis Vuitton is a belt purse crafted in Monogram Canvas. As its name states, the bag reminds of a typical 80s fanny pack seen at tourist sightseeing spots. It can be carried as a traditional fanny pack, a shoulder bag or a snug crossbody.

The Bumbag zips open from the front above a little leather heat stamp, and it includes a flat top handle and an adjustable belt (from 85 to 128 cm). Most importantly, it’s crafted out of iconic monogram canvas, which gives an elevated look to your outfit.


Louis Vuitton Bumbag Overview

There are a few questions regarding the bag that need to be covered before we proceed. Without any further ado, let's get to the point.


When Did the Louis Vuitton Bumbag Come Out?

Louis Vuitton introduced the Bumbag in 2018 Spring collection. At that time, the purse was only $1500 in Monogram canvas and $1,800 in monogram empreinte canvas yet at the same time both were extremely hard to get. One of the most craved for items from the French brand, Bumbag was only available to a limited number of customers worldwide. Meanwhile, influencers were posting their new Bumbags in Instagram, driving the rest of the world crazy.

While currently Bumbag is easier to get, it’s still unlikely that you’d walk into a random Louis Vuitton store and just purchase is off the store-front. You’ll have a better chance of bying it preloved, even though its price on the secondhand market is close to what you’d pay at store (unless the condition is really junk).


What Fits in Louis Vuitton Bumbag

louis vuitton bumbag celebrities how to wear

Despite seeming so small, Bumbag actually boasts plenty of room inside. As the purse is 20.5" L (from longest points) x 5.5" W x 6" H, it’ll easily fit you phone and small everyday items like cosmetics along with a full-sized wallet.


How Much Is Louis Vuitton Bumbag: Details and Pricing (US)

Louis Vuitton does price increases each year. Here’s how the Bumbag's price changed over the years of production (2018-2022).

2018 2019 2020 2021  2022
LV Monogram Canvas Bumbag $1,500 $1,570 $1,760 $1,900 $2,030


In 5 years, the price of a Bumbag went up by 34%, which makes the purse quite an investment. Even more important is that the demand is still there - once a preloved item is listed, there's a lot of potential buyers and it gets sold pretty quickly.


Is the Bumbag Being Discontinued by LV?

Currently as of 5/2022, Louis Vuitton Bumbag is not available on the official website in the US. There are literally no bumbags (not even limited editions or versions in expensive leathers). Consequently, It is very likely that the rumors regarding Louis Vuitton discontinuing the Bumbag are true.

Having said that, it doesn’t mean that it’s true for all regions. For instance, a Monogram Canvas Bumbag is still available on a Hong Kong LV website.

Discontinuing one model doesn’t mean we'll never purchase a bumbag from Louis Vuitton though. The French luxury brand still has a bumbag, called Discovery PM/MM. It’s basically the same as the bumbag with a logo on the bottom on the bag instead of the top.


How Celebrities Rock Louis Vuitton Bumbags

Celebrities love comfortable handbags no less than we do. Here are a few stars spotted with an iconic Louis Vuitton canvas bag.


Kendall Jenner

Rumor has it that before the Bumbag was officially released, Kendall Jenner was spotted with a fake Louis Vuitton fanny pack.

Kendall Jenner wearing a Louis Vuitton bumbag belt bag

Kendall Jenner wearing a Louis Vuitton belt bag. Photo: Backgrid

While the purse on this picture is not authentic, it's truly interesting how she added a bit of retro chic to her own Kendall + Kylie bodysuit.

She later combined the same purse with a denim jacket and black jeans. Nice outfit if you're not in the mood to draw attention yet want to look fashionable.

how celebrities style fanny packs and bumbags celebrities Kendall Jenner


Khloe Kardashian

celebrities wearing louis vuitton bumbag fanny pack khloe kardashian

The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star Khloe wasn't as exquisite as Kendell. She took the expensive purse for a walk and married it with a black jumpsuit, trying to stay invisible. Indeed, black always goes well with monogram canvas.


Wendy Williams

celebrities wearing louis vuitton bumbag fanny pack wendy williams

The Wendy Willams Show star dressed in a simple black sheath dress with a sheer back duster on top and a pair of white sneakers.

Again, she combined a bumbag with a black outfit, which seems to be a popular option. Note that it's a limited edition Giant Monogram Bumbag in green and beige. Beautiful combo!


Olivia Atwood

celebrities wearing louis vuitton bumbag fanny pack Olivia AttwoodEnglish TV star Olivia Atwood combined the bumbag with loose pants, white top and a black jacket. She also took a brand-new Keepall for a walk. Why use just one bag when you need two? 


How to Wear a  Louis Vuitton Bumbag

louis vuitton bumbag monogram canvas how when what celebrities

As celebrities successfully demonstrate, you can’t go wrong with a bumbag. It works with almost every color and type of attire. A safe combo would be blending it with classic black and white colors.

A Bumbag is supposed to look casual so any combo with jeans will leave you 


Is The LV Bumbag Worth It?

Are you supposed to jump on this bandwagon with massive love for bumbags? I feel like a bumbag is already an iconic Louis Vuitton canvas handbag. As the brand is lingering towards cutting back on the number of monogram canvas handbags in stock, a Bumbag can be a nice investment.

Just like with any other handbag, the recommendation stays the same. Unless you’re sure you’re comfortable with fanny packs, we’d recommend to stay away from this type of handbags. Why? Probably because it’s something that gets trendy easily but as the trend declines, fewer and fewer people remember that they have a fanny pack somewhere deep in their closet.


How to Spot a Fake Louis Vuitton Bumbag: Real vs Fake

If you’d like to purchase a secondhand Louis Vuitton Bumbag, be aware that this purse belongs to the most counterfeited Louis Vuitton items. Most replicas are exceptionally good, which means that you may not even be aware that there’s something wrong with an item for much time.

We have published a side-by-side comparison of real and fake Louis Vuitton Bumbags.

Look at how close they are to original handbags!

how to spot a fake louis vuitton bumbag real fake example date code

Buying secondhand is always a risk since you need to be sure about the item’s authenticity. At Bagaholic, our mission is to protect luxury lovers from scammers by providing professional verification of brands such as Louis Vuitton. Order authentication from $10 and enjoy your Bumbag with peace of mind.

4 how to spot a fake louis vuitton bumbag real fake


Order Professional Online Authentication by Bagaholic

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Verbal Authentication $10

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