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2022: Yet Another Insane Louis Vuitton Price Increase (6%-38%)

2022: Yet Another Insane Louis Vuitton Price Increase (6%-38%)

Louis Vuitton raised their prices. Again. This time the increase has been substantial. Let's see why price increases happen all the time and how much are our favorite LV bags today.


Why is Louis Vuitton Raising Their Prices?

Louis Vuitton is raising prices in response to increased manufacturing costs and global inflation. All the production materials have become more expensive, thus, the company has to keep their previous margins and raise prices.

'The price adjustment takes into account changes in production costs, raw materials, transportation as well as inflation,' Louis Vuitton's CEO Bernard Arnaud said in a statement to Reuters.

Meanwhile, LVMH holding (which, in addition to Louis Vuitton, includes Dior, Fendi, Celine and Loewe) reported record revenue of of €64.2 billion ($71.5 billion) in 2021, a 44% increase compared to 2020. 

Thanks to a strong fourth quarter, organic revenue for 2021 in fashion and leather goods increased 42% from pre-pandemic levels in 2019 to €30.8 billion ($34.8 billion).


How Much is Louis Vuitton 2022 Price Increase?

Every item has had its own price increase. As you can see from the table below, for most classic/popular items the average price increase in the US was around 20%. Same will happen (or happened) to other countries as inflation has influenced the prices globally.


Neverfull PM/MM/GM Price Increase 2022

louis vuitton price increase 2022 neverfull pm mm gm

Neverfull price increase is rough. In one night the purse became 20% more expensive in every version. It's hard to believe that only 3 years ago the purse was $1,320 for the MM version. It looks like over the pandemic years there was a 54% price increase. Wow!

10 years ago a brand new Neverfull MM was only $700. Now it's 190% up. Wanna see the Neverfull price history with all the increases? Check out our Louis Vuitton Neverfull PM/MM/GM guide.

Louis Vuitton item Old Price 2021 New Price  2022 (from Feb) Percentage
Louis Vuitton Neverfull PM $1,620 $1,960 21%
Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM $1,690 $2,030 20%
Louis Vuitton Neverfull GM $1,760 $2,100 19%


Coussin Price Increase 2022

louis vuitton price increase 2022 new price coussin

Coussin price increase was particularly astonishing as $4,300 for the MM was already not cheap. However, this price increase sent the price to the $5,400 price point - 26% higher. Man, 26%! 

Louis Vuitton item Old Price 2021 New Price  2022 (from Feb) Percentage
Coussin BB $3,500 $4,050 16%
Coussin PM $3,900 $4,700 21%
Coussin MM $4,300 $5,400 26%


Other popular items price increases (Pochette Metis, Multipochette, Pochette Accessories etc)

louis vuitton pochette metis multipochette price increase 2022
These astonishing numbers broke the hearts of handbag lovers in the US today.
  • Some iconic styles such as Speedy, Alma and Pochette Metis got a 9% increase. What a relief.
  • If you've been eyeing a Palm Springs mini, it didn't get too much worse. It's 'only' 6% up from the last price of $2,300. If you manage to find a Palm Springs mini in the boutiques or online, it's $2,440 now.
  • Mini Pochette price skyrocketed and shown the worst price increase we've ever seen - an astonishing figure of 38%.  Pochette accessories' price gained 23%, a clear sign that the item is in demand.
Louis Vuitton item Old Price 2021 New Price  2022 (from Feb) Percentage
Speedy 30 $1,370 $1,550 13%
Speedy B 30 $1,740 $1,890 9%
Pochette Metis $2,360 $2,570 9%

Alma BB

$1,620 $1,760 9%
Key Pouch $270 $325 20%
Multi-pochette $2,360 $2,570 9%
Pochette accessories $1,050 $1,290 23%



$1,900 $2,030 7%
Felicie $1,240 $1,490 20%
Palm Springs Mini $2,300 $2,440 6%
Mini Pochette $540 $745 38%


What Now?

Have you ever seen anyone who's excited about price increases? Well, probably, if they are LV management. We, handbag lovers, are not happy about price increases.

Here's what Louis Vuitton fans and enthusiasts are saying.

A Neverfull for $2k?

'Don't get me wrong, I love my Neverfull, but I don't think it's a $2k bag. That increase is absurd.'

Will the quality increase with the price?

'I wouldn’t mind paying more if I knew the quality was better too. I’ve been branching out to other brands now.'

Is it fair?

'Ridiculous indeed. It's one thing to increase $100-$200 but a lot were $300+'

As long as there are those willing to pay the prices, the prices will continue to increase. Apparently they haven't hit the threshold of resistance yet, if ever. We at Bagaholic have switched to buying preloved many years ago and still don't regret it cause we can still have a Neverfull MM for just $800 on ebay!

If you buy pre-loved, don’t forget to order professional authentication. It costs just $10 and gives you a total peace of mind! We, at Bagaholic, can help you with that.


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