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what do real louis vuitton bags look like inside

Louis Vuitton Interior Lining Guide: What Do Real Louis Vuitton Bags Look Like Inside

What do real Louis Vuitton bags look like inside? That's the question my friend asked me. She wanted to purchase an authentic Louis Vuitton handbag with a very specific 'must'. Her ideal hand bag must've had red lining.

I've been reselling authentic Louis Vuitton handbags for over 10 years and I definitely know some options for her. First, I began wondering how many LV handbags have red inside lining. That made me ask another question: how many inside materials does Louis Vuitton use for their handbags? 

Let's start with the most popular handbags and patterns from Louis Vuitton to see which type of linings they have. And sorry for the stains - all the pictures come from our authentic preloved luxury handbags' online shop so they do show some wear and tear.


Real Louis Vuitton Speedy Bag Inside Lining

An authentic LV Speedy bag in monogram pattern has a fabric lining. It's brown. There are two types of fabrics used: the main brown lining and another one to cover the sewing. The second one looks coarse - this is normal.

real louis vuitton speedy inside lining

An authentic Speedy in Empreinte leather has a fabric lining with vertical stripes all along. This material is typical for all Louis Vuitton handbags crafted from Empreinte leather.

real louis vuitton empreinte speedy bag inside interior lining

Epi leather Speedy handbag may have two types of insides. Vintage handbags have suede inside with no lining. A newer type of Speedy Epi has a fabric lining. Only one type of fabric is used on this item.

real louis vuitton epi leather speedy bag inside interior lining

As to real LV Multicolor Speedy inside, it's always alcantra fabric. On black Multicolor it's grey and on white Multicolor it's red.

real louis vuitton multicolor canvas speedy bag inside interior red lining


Real Louis Vuitton Neverfull Tote Inside Lining

A real LV Neverfull also uses a variety of materials for its inside lining. The most typical pattern/material for a Monogram Neverfull is the dark beige fabric with stripes and Louis Vuitton symbols. 

real louis vuitton damier ebene canvas neverfull bag inside interior lining

Originally Louis Vuitton Neverfull in Monogram Canvas had this type of beige striped lining. However, as soon as it turned out to be one of the most popular bags LV every released, they immediately added some inside options.

Here's a newer Neverfull in Monogram canvas with raspberry pink interior, which is called pivoine.

real louis vuitton monogram canvas neverfull pivoine bag inside interior lining

Of course there are multiple exclusions. For instance, a limited edition Louis Vuitton Neverfull handbag from the V collection has a turquoise interior. It' not available in any other editions of this handbag.

real louis vuitton monogram canvas neverfull v limited edition bag inside interior lining


Louis Vuitton Monogram Bags Inside Lining

Monogram handbags boast dozens of possible lining materials depending on collection, release year etc. Most classic Monogram canvas bags have a lining made of brown fabric. That's their most recognizable and typical inside.

Check out this beautiful Louis Vuitton Monogram Tivoli GM bag. And again - sorry for the stains!

real louis vuitton monogram canvas tivoli bag inside interior lining

Here's another classic handbag, a Palermo PM with the same brown fabric inside. It may seem to have another color as the lighting is a little bit different plus this handbag is more used.

real louis vuitton monogram canvas palermo bag inside interior lining



Louis Vuitton Damier Bags Inside Lining

Let's move to the LV checked bags' insides. The checkered pattern is called Damier Ebene if it's brown and Damier Azur if it's white/grey.

Vintage Louis Vuitton Damier Ebene handbags like Trevi PM have a red alcantra lining. This type of inside feels thick and soft. Note the high quality of the material. Most replicas have a cheap fabric lining, which is easy to tell.

real louis vuitton damier ebene canvas trevi bag inside interior lining

Take a look at this Hampstead. It's a classic Louis Vuitton Damier Ebene handbag released in 2000s. It has a soft red lining very typical for discontinued DE handbags.

real louis vuitton ebene canvas hampstead bag inside interior lining

Newer Damier Ebene bags may have various inside lining materials. For example, this LV Belmont has a dark plum alcantra lining. It actually looks very nice with this lighter Damier Ebene leather.

real louis vuitton ebene canvas belmont bag inside interior lining

That's not the only one option for newer LV Damier Ebene handbags. A Louis Vuitton Croisette is DE has a red lining but it's shiny fabric and not alcantra. There's absolutely no logic. I guess LV is just trying to use different fabric suppliers to increase their margins.


Louis Vuitton Empreinte Leather Bags Inside Lining

Empreinte is probably the only LV leather that has some logic behind its lining. Whenever you see an Empreinte item, look inside and you'll see a fabric with stripes that matches the color of the purse like on this Montaigne GM:

real louis vuitton empreinte montaigne bag inside interior lining

Here's one more empreinte inside lining. It looks like this new Louis Vuitton Empreinte Mazarine hanbag has some glitter inside. That's normal for a new handbag to look like this if you're taking a picture with flash.

real louis vuitton empreinte mazarine bag inside interior lining

To me this type of fabric looks a little cheap compared to the price tag of this collection. An average Empreinte handbag will cost you over $2,500 so they might have added a touch of luxury. A fabric lining, basically the same as on monogram handbags, doesn't feel like something that belongs to an expensive designer purse.


Louis Vuitton Epi Bags Inside Lining

Epi is not the most popular leather, however, it's one of the most durable materials and has its own fan base.

An LV Neverfull in Epi leather would have an alcantra lining matching the main purse color.

real louis vuitton epi leather neverfull bag inside interior lining

An Epi Speedy also has a lining that matches the handbag's color.

real louis vuitton epi leather speedy bag inside interior lining

All in all, most often Epi lining color matches the bag's color so if you see a handbag that does not in line with this condition, that is most probably a red flag.


How To Tell if a Louis Vuitton Bag Is Real by Its Inside

Knowing the materials and patterns from Louis Vuitton is important for authentication. Just one glance at the inside is sometimes enough to understand that you're not dealing with an authentic Louis Vuitton bag, especially when it comes to handbags with red inside. On cheap replicas the inside lining has low quality and the fabric is thin.

how to tell if a multicolor canvas speedy bag is real or fake by inside interior red lining

However, it's very hard to determine authenticity just by looking at the bag's inside lining. Good replicas have the same inside as authentic handbags. That is why if you need to check a Louis Vuitton handbag for authenticity, we recommend contacting a professional Louis Vuitton authenticator.

If you buy pre-loved, don’t forget to order professional authentication. It costs just $10 and gives you a total peace of mind! We, at Bagaholic, can help you with that.


Order Professional Louis Vuitton Authentication Services by Bagaholic

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