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chanel authenticity card check

[Guide] How to Check Chanel Authenticity Card: Real vs Fake

The Chanel brand has been around for almost 100 years. It has changed its style and designs, but it is still one of the most coveted handbag brands in the world. If you have ever bought a Chanel bag, then you know how tricky it can be to determine if your bag is real or fake. One way to tell if you have a real Chanel bag is by checking an authenticity card inside the interior pocket.

Let's see how to tell if a Chanel card of authenticity is real or fake.


Checking Chanel Cards of Authenticity:

If you don't know a very simply thing about Chanel cards, you might end up losing a lot of money by purchasing a fake.

Here's the deal.

A card is a separate accessory that comes with a Chanel bag. It can be replaced any second, especially by someone with malicious intentions.

If a Chanel authenticity card that comes with your purse looks authentic, it doesn't necessarily mean that the bag is genuine too. First of all, it can be forged, and counterfeit cards have superior quality. Next, it can be an authentic card that was lost or stolen.

At the same time, if a Chanel authenticity card looks fake, it also doesn't necessarily mean that the bag is fake (although in this case it's almost 95% guarantee that there might be a problem with the bag as well).

Thus, use this guide wisely and always check the purse itself.


What is Chanel Authenticity Card and What Does it Look Like?

what is chanel authenticity card

The Chanel authenticity card is a small black rectangular card which used to accompany every Chanel handbag or accessory. It is manufactured by Chanel and with smooth thick paper, with rounded corners and perfectly symmetrical edges. Each card has a golden frame from both sides.

On the one side, there is a text in French.

On the other side, there is an item's serial number (same as the serial number inside the item), a circle hologram, and the translation of the French text into English, German and Japanese.

English translation reads the following:

We certify the authenticity of this item and confirm that it has been subjected to the most exacting quality control. Its high quality is a symbol of the fine reputation of the Trademark.

Chanel authenticity cards were introduced in the 1986 as a way for customers to verify their purchase from Chanel themselves. However, there are some older handbags that do not come with these cards - and there are also some newer ones that do (but they're harder to find preloved).


How to Read Chanel Authenticity Card?

Cards from authentic Chanel purses look basically the same, the only thing that is different on authenticity cards is the item's serial number. The font might also differ depending on the release year.

The serial number is a unique identifier for your bag, so if the one on your bag is seen on another item, then it definitely means at least one of them is fake!

The serial number is unique and must correspond to the one inside the handbag. You can check Chanel serial number online to see when a Chanel bag was manufactured.


Buying Chanel Without Authenticity Card: What You Need to Know

If you're eyeing an beautiful Chanel purse that doesn't come with a card, think twice before buying.

There are several possible reasons why a Chanel bag might not have an authenticity card when you're buying secondhand.

1. It's a vintage Chanel with no authenticity card

Vintage Chanel bags with no serials do not have authenticity cards. Having said that, all the bags that have a serial inside were released with an authenticity card. As only a vintage expert can tell whether the purse is real, if you're eyeing an vintage purse, authenticate your Chanel bag before buying.

2. The card was lost

The most popular reason why a secondhand Chanel bag might come without an authenticity card is because the previous owner has lost the card.

Now what you need to know is that buying Chanel bag without authenticity card is quite risky as such bags are worth less that those that come with a full set. If you think about reselling the purse later, check whether the price matches the value first. Else you can later discover that there are a lot of buyers who ask about the card.

In a nutshell, is there's no authenticity card with the purse you're purchasing, it's a ground for some negotiation.

3. The purse is fake

Mostly counterfeiters have no problem creating fake Chanel authenticity cards. That's why designer bag lovers should not assume that if a purse comes without authenticity card, it's necessarily fake.


Chanel Authenticity Card: Real vs Fake

Now let's get down to examining the cards, starting from the front side. If you're wondering how to tell if Chanel authenticity card is real or fake, in a few minutes you'll be aware of some of the seen giveaways.

chanel authenticity card real fake comparison

This is just one of the examples of a fake Chanel authentication card, please be aware there are different kinds of replicas.

As you can see, there are differences in font. The replica card showcases bold font, whereas the authentic card's font is more sleek. In addition, the golden frame is thicker on the counterfeit card. Can you see the difference?

If you're unsure about whether or not your Chanel bag is authentic, there are a few things that you can look for. One of them is the date stamped on the authenticity card. If it does not match with the inside of your bag, then it's likely that it's fake. However, if both stamps do match up and they still seem questionable to you, then there may be another problem with your item

chanel authenticity card real or fake rainbow

Here's another fake authenticity card with a replica. Many people would be fooled by the packaging and abundance of cards and accessories. Always be alert whenever you see them as counterfeiters often use this to trick inexperienced buyers into believing that the handbag they're selling is real.

Another giveaway when authenticating Chanel cards is a rainbow effect on the frame of the card. Authentic Chanel bags don't demonstrate any rainbow effect so be sure to look out for this specific sign.

 chanel authenticity card real fake

This fake authenticity card obviously has the font wrong as it doesn't match the Chanel font at all when it comes to the item's serial number. You can kind of notice the rainbow affect too.

chanel authenticity card real fake comparison 2

Now here's another example of a fake Chanel authenticity card. This is a much more sophisticated fake that barely shows any difference. More research is required to authenticate this Chanel bag and render a decision.


The serial number is located on the inside of the bag, near the zipper (it may be covered by a piece of fabric). It should be in small white letters printed directly onto leather or felt--if there are any stickers or markings over top of these letters, then they could potentially be covering up fake ones underneath!

If your bag doesn't come with an authenticity card then it might not be real!


I Lost my Chanel Authenticity Card: What to Do?

If you lost the card of authenticity and wonder if it can be restored, unfortunately, Chanel doesn't restore these cards. The only occasion on which you might need it though is if you decide to sell your precious purse.



To sum up, authenticity card is one of the factors you need to analyze before buying a Chanel handbag. Having said that, you shouldn't rely on it too much as some counterfeit cards of authenticity look exactly like the authentic ones. More research is needed every time you need to verify your purse.


Who Can Authenticate a Chanel bag?

At Bagaholic, we have over 10 years of experience dealing with authentic Chanel bags and helping buyers to have this expertise handy whenever they're growing their luxury bag collection. Order Chanel bag authentication today to have the peace of mind along with your new gorgeous purse!


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    i got a Chanel purse for my birthday and want to make sure it’s real before selling it online. it came with authentication card and everything.

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