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Gucci Marmont Current Price List australia

Gucci Marmont Current Price List [Australia, 2024]

Last update: January 2024

This Gucci Marmont Price List reflects how much Gucci bags are in Australia in 2024.

While GG interlocking logo debuted in the 70s, it was not until 2016 that Gucci released one of their most successful collections that uses this logo, GG Marmont. Out of the blue, every major blogger and street fashionista was wearing a Gucci purse. Despite the peaking popularity of Marmont shoulder bag, this collection is quite extensive and offers totes, shoulder bags, bucket bags, circular shapes, and mini designs.


How Much are Gucci Bags in Australia?

A lot of people expected the Gucci Marmont fame to decline in just a few years. Conversely, Gucci handbags with a signature GG interlocking buckle were at the forefront of contemporary fashion, appealing to their crowd who prefers classics and to those new followers who value individuality above fitting in. 

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IMPORTANT. Gucci naming is complicated. Unlike Louis Vuitton/Hermes bags that each have their own name, Gucci does't bother their team with inventing unique names for their purses. Many purses in this collection have the same names, for example, GG Marmont Mini bag. Therefore, we used a reference number to define each purse separately.

There's a reference number next to each style in the pricing table so that you could easily identify the purse you have set your heart on.


Gucci Marmont Line Price List (Australia, 2024)

Gucci flap shoulder bag is the most seen GG Marmont purse. This versatile style has become the most recognizable since it was introduced. However, it's entirely unfair to Gucci, as Marmont handbag line includes far more handbags, with new styles introduced every season.


GG Marmont Flap Shoulder Bag Price List (Australia)

gucci marmont super mini matelasse shoulder bag australia price list
gucci marmont mini matelasse shoulder bag pricing australia us price
gucci marmont small matelasse shoulder bag australian priceprice
gucci marmont medium matelasse shoulder bag price list aud

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How much are Gucci Marmont flap bags in Australia in 2024?

In summary, prices for Gucci in Australia for this compact crossbody bag range from 1,750 AUD per the smallest accessory bag, to 3,695 AUD for a full-sized Marmont small shoulder bag. Therefore, on average, in Australia this stylish handbag will cost you around 3,000 AUD.

Here's the style reference and its detailed pricing breakdown.

Style AUD
476433 aud price gucci marmont
GG Marmont Flap Super Mini Bag 476433  AU$ 1,750
446744 aud price gucci marmont
GG Marmont Flap Mini Shoulder Bag 446744  AU$ 3,580
443497 aud price gucci marmont
GG Marmont Flap Small Shoulder Bag 443497  AU$ 3,695
443496  aud price gucci marmont medium
GG Marmont Flap Matelasse Medium Shoulder Bag 443496  AU$ 4,000

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GG Marmont Camera Bag Price List (Australia)

gucci marmont camera bag aud
gucci marmont camera bag aud

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Another statement purse from this line, the camera bag (which is officially also referred to as 'GG marmont shoulder bag') is a rectangular spacious purse for daily use, produced primarily in smooth matelasse leather or velvet.

So, how much is a Gucci Marmont camera bag in the Australia? A mini camera bag from Gucci currently retails for AU$ 2,620 in 2024, while its larger version, referred to as small, is slightly more expensive and costs AU$ 2,730.

Here's detailed pricing for this easy-to-carry handbag.

Item Style AUD
448065 gucci marmont aud
GG Marmont Mini Shoulder Bag (camera bag) 448065  AU$ 2,620
447632 gucci marmont aud
GG Marmont Small Shoulder Bag (camera bag) 447632  AU$ 2,730



GG Marmont Top Handle Bag Price List (Australia)

gucci top handle bag australia price
gucci top handle bag large australia price

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Gucci top handle purse has become one of the most coveted accessories in this collection. On average, a top handle purse from Gucci retails for around AU$ 3,700.

Item Style AUD
GG Marmont mini top handle bag 547260  AU$ 3,485
GG Marmont small top handle bag 498110  AU$ 3,905



Other GG Marmont Bags' Price List (Australia)

Gucci Marmont line is not limited to its iconic flap shoulder bags. It is much more extensive and sophisticated. Many of bags created for this line have a much more playful silhouette. Thus, whenever you need to create a sophisticated look, you can always find a unique Gucci purse with their trademark GG logo in antique gold.

gucci circle bag price in australia
GG Marmont matelasse mini Bag
GG Marmont matelasse mini Bag half-moon
GG marmont top handle mini bag GG Marmont matelasse tote bag

* image credit:  

Style AUD
GG Marmont mini top handle bag 699515 AU$ 1,715
GG Marmont Aria matelasse mini bag 448065  AU$ 1,950
GG Marmont Mini bag 598597  AU$ 1,400
GG marmont half moon shaped bag GG Marmont half-moon-shaped mini bag 699514  AU$ 2,030
GG marmont top handle mini bag GG Marmont top handle mini bag 699756  AU$ 1,530
GG Marmont Aria small tote bag 675796  AU$ 3,235
GG Marmont mini bucket bag 575163  AU$ 1,720



Gucci Marmont Exotic Leather Pricing (Australia)


 * image credit: 

Each year Gucci releases a range of premium handbags, made in python or crocodile leather. While they copy the same Marmont silhouettes, these handbags' prices can be much higher than the original retail prices, as exotic leather handbags (referred to as 'precious handbags' by Gucci) are considered to be luxurious versions of the recognizable classics. 

However, due to unknown reasons, Gucci doesn't offer exotic handbags on the UK website.

How much are exotic leather Gucci bags?

Generally, a version in crocodile leather is dramatically different from the python leather Gucci Marmont. In fact, python handbags start at AU$ 4,240, while crocodile renditions are not available in this region.


Which Gucci Marmont bag to buy?

If you're still unsure which bag to choose, research it online. After that, drive directly to Gucci boutique and try them on. It's still the best way to verify if the purse you like is right for you.

If you're on a budget and buying new is not an option, you can always find a secondhand or a vintage Gucci handbag. Gucci boasts incredible heritage and as they've been creating luxury handbags for a century, there are plenty of options on the secondhand marketplaces.

If you need to authenticate a Gucci handbag, we can help. With over 10 years of experience with new and vintage Gucci bags, we can help identify the item, its authenticity and market value.

Need To Authenticate a Gucci Bag?

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