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AR1169 louis vuitton

Beware of Louis Vuitton AR1169 Date Code, Here's Why

If you're eyeing a Louis Vuitton purse with an AR1169 date code, think twice before buying it.

Most probably, it's fake.

...But an Online Checker Says It's Authentic!

According to the Louis Vuitton date code system, AR1169 is a legit date code. It means that the item was manufactured in France on the 16th week of 2019.

If you check the AR1169 date code online, any Louis Vuitton date code checker will return the result that the purse is authentic. The reason is that this serial code is legit--it has the correct format, it contains an existing factory code (AR = France) and an existing production date.

However, none of these are a guarantee that your purse is authentic.

How Can A Louis Vuitton Bag With a Legit Date Code Be Fake?

Date codes were introduced in the 1980s to combat counterfeiting. Since then, counterfeiters have been trying to copy the details of authentic goods for decades. With the expansion of the Internet, they surely learned what are Louis Vuitton serial numbers and what they mean. Over time, they started using legit date codes on fake items.

What's important here, unlike Chanel serial numbers, LV date codes are not unique. It's just a production date, after all. Thus, it's easy to copy. 

That's why we always highlight that checking date codes online is not a replacement for professional Louis Vuitton authentication service. To authenticate an item, you need to use a holistic approach, which includes examine all the item's details.

It's important to note that this date code doesn't necessarily mean that your handbag is a replica. There are authentic handbags with the AR1169 serial code too.

Louis Vuitton Neverfull is one of the most counterfeited handbags that uses this date code, that's why we have created a Neverfull Authentication Course for handbag professionals who want to know how close the replicas are to the real items.

Other codes that are often seen of fake items are AR2198, FL2220 and many more.


Order Professional Authentication

If you're not definitely sure whether the item you're about to purchase is real or fake, order expert legit check for Louis Vuitton items.

We at Bagaholic Authentication Services can help. In addition to over 10 years of daily experience dealing specifically with LV, we are aware of the most recent replicas that exist on the market. Checks start from $10.

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