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where to get louis vuitton replacement strap

Where To Get A Louis Vuitton Replacement Strap Cheap

If you're looking to purchase a Louis Vuitton replacement strap for Speedy or Pochette, and not spend a fortune, read this article until the end. We've listed all the ways you can get one and sometimes it's as low as $10.

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3 Ways To Get A Louis Vuitton Replacement Strap

Have you just purchased a preowned Louis Vuitton purse with no strap, while you'd love to get a new one? Or may be you'd love to transform your favorite item, such as a Pochette or a large wallet into a cute crossbody clutch with a strap? This article will suggest all the options where to get a nice leather strap or a chain for you designer item.

1. Buy at the store (budget $300-$999)

When it comes to purchasing from the store, there are 2 options.

Purchase from the available straps

If you're looking for a long strap for a Speedy Bandouliere or a Multi-Pochette 3-piece bag, for instance, you can go to Louis Vuitton website and order one. The French brand offers a few options. 

Not surprisingly, the downside is the price. In 2024, as per Louis Vuitton US price list, a strap for Multi-Pochette retails for $935. Even a thin epi strap for Alma BB will cost you $375. It seems that you can purchase a nice designer handbag or at least a clutch with that money.

Order a strap as a replacement part

If the strap for your Louis Vuitton purse is not listed on the website, there's another way of getting it from the boutique. You can order it as a replacement part.

Before hitting the boutique, it's important to know the Louis Vuitton strap replacement cost

First of all, to replace a strap that, you need to have a receipt. Once you have the receipt, visit the closest store and tell them you'd like to purchase a replacement strap. Be prepared that they will charge you an amount close to what's on the official website, so the strap replacement cost will be around $300 at the very least.

If you don't have a receipt, the visit to the store might turn into a lottery. Sometimes sales assistants will grant you an opportunity to spend some money there, occasionally they will tell you that you can only do that with a receipt.

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2. Buy on Amazon (budget: under $50)

Purchasing a non-authentic replacement strap for you authentic Louis Vuitton handbag is a grey area.

These are some amazing high-quality pieces on Amazon you haven't seen. We've listed the most popular Louis Vuitton purses with straps and some options for them available on Amazon.


lv Speedy replacement strap


Speedy replacement strap

You can turn your Speedy into a Speedy bandouliere by attaching its clasps to the Speedy handle hardware.

Depending on the size, you can use a multitude of straps for the Speedy bag. The larger the size, the thicker the strap should be to support the weight.

There are also some strap extenders for Speedy Bandouliere.


lv keepall replacement strap options

Keepall replacement strap

Keepall straps are usually thick massive and made of cowhide leather. There are several of them on Amazon. We've selected the one that resembles an authentic strap the most.



lv nano speedy replacement strap

Thin replacement straps for Speedy Nano & other Nano bags

Louis Vuitton has released a few nano purses that happened to be the most popular in their handbag assortment. Nano Speedy, Noe, Pochette, and Alma are among them.

You can choose from a variety of straps as there are many options for such handbags. One thing to keep in mind if you're shopping vachetta straps though is the glazing. You don't want it to be too red, as this may look like a replica.

We've selected the one that looks the most like an authentic one. That's an excellent strap for a tiny LV purse.


louis vuitton pink multi pochette replacement

Multi-Pochette pink/khaki replacement strap

This is the best pink replacement purse for Multi-Pochette. It doesn't have 'LOUIS VUITTON' letters on it. This Tourdream strap for a 3-piece Multi-Pochette is elegant and doesn't cost as much as the real one, it's under $50. Check it out on Amazon!


Neo Noe replacement top handle

 Apart from the strap, you can also shop a selection of handles for purses like NeoNoe, Metis Hobo etc. Handles are the parts that show most use over time so you may to upgrade the look of your bag

Here are two options: a leather braided handle and a vachetta handle.

noe replacement top handle braided top handle strap replacement 
Noe leather top handle replacement Braided top handle


Would you like to get strap options for other Louis Vuitton purses? Let us know in the comments!


 3. Buy a used strap

If you still want an authentic replacement strap without paying the store price, buy it preloved. Prices will vary based on the condition and the purse, but generally you may expect a 50% discount from the store's price.

Note that provided straps are replaceable parts, it's hard to verify their authenticity. Some replicas have copied the hardware so from outside the look almost identical to the original items from the French luxury brand.

If you're shopping for a strap, always authenticate it with professionals. We at Bagaholic have over 10 years of daily hands-on experience of dealing with the brand. Order the professional Louis Vuitton bag authentication service before the purchase and enjoy the peace of mind.



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