How to Tell if This Louis Vuitton Catogram Neverfull MM Is Real Or Fake?

How to Tell if this Louis Vuitton Catogram Neverfull MM Is Real Or Fake?

My childhood favorite book was Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes and whenever I need to find out whether the bag is real or fake I feel like a detective. If you're familiar with Louis Vuitton authentication, let's check how well you can tell if an LV bag is real or fake. 

Take a look at this limited edition Neverfull MM from the Spring Summer 2019 Grace Coddington collection. Do you think this bag authentic?

louis vuitton catogram neverfull mm

Someone was selling this Louis Vuitton Catogram Neverfull MM for $1499. That's quite a lot price considering it's a limited edition and it's extremely hard to get. It was a person I trusted and I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the pics.

This bag is a fake.

If you read popular internet guides on how to spot a fake Louis Vuitton bag, they say pretty much the same thing. Fakes have poor quality, sloppy stitching, upside-down logos on the canvas. Many of us believe it's true as we've never came across a high-quality replica.

This fake LV Neverfull is quite a good one. If you don't know what to look for, the bag looks good. The print itself, handles, inside look very much like an authentic bag.

Most details in this Catogram Neverfull have been copied correctly. For example, if you check this date code in our date code checker, it will return a verdict that the bag is authentic. Why? Cause the date code is valid. If you know how to read Louis Vuitton date codes, you know that the bag was made in Spain in 2018.

Moreover, the date code is in line with this collection cause this Grace Coddington Catogram collection was released in 2018.

Some will ask how do I know it's fake then?

There are two major giveaways: headstamp and date code.

This bag looks nice. The glazing looks super real and so does the hardware. This time it's all about fonts. If you've seen a lot of authentic Louis Vuitton bags, you develop a gut feeling. You may not know why but something about this bag seems very off.

Now let's compare the heat stamps on both bags:

Real                                                                     Fake


Can you see the difference? It's barely visible here. Mind how good the fake is. The heat stamp is legit. The stitching is not sloppy at all. The font is almost the same. It's easy to be tricked into believing they're both authentic. They're not.

Now let's compare the date codes. Look, they're the same! This date code is legit from the production date standpoint.

lv louis vuitton catogram mm date code is this authentic
Real                                                        Fake

However, you can clearly see that the font is different. The left one is real and the right one is fake.

That's why an authentication expert checks not only the date code but all the details of the bag, including heat stamps, hardware, glazing, print, materials used etc.

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