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is gucci cheaper in italy

Is Gucci Cheaper in Italy? Worldwide Price Comparison [2024]

Are you travelling to Italy anytime soon? If you're about to purchase a Gucci bag, it might be a good idea to check out whether Gucci is cheaper in Italy, their home country.

In this blog post, we'll compare the prices of Gucci signature items in the US, Italy and European Union, UK, Australia and Singapore to find out where the Gucci items are the cheapest.

You will also learn how you can save up to 30% of the Gucci bags retail price. Read on!

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Are Gucci Marmont bags Cheaper in Italy?

Let's compare the prices for the most popular Gucci Marmont bags, Gucci Marmont Flap bag.

In summary, the European prices in this line vary from 980€ per the smallest accessory bag, to 2,300 for a full-sized Marmont medium. Therefore, on average this stylish handbag would cost around 2,000 in Italy and other countries in European Union.

Here's the style reference and its detailed pricing breakdown.

GG Marmont Flap Super Mini Bag 476433  980€ $1,200 £ 875 AU$ 1,750
GG Marmont Flap Mini Shoulder Bag 446744  1 900€ $2,350 £ 1,700 AU$ 3,580
GG Marmont Flap Small Shoulder Bag 443497  2 000€ $2,550 £ 1,800 AU$ 3,695
GG Marmont Flap Matelasse Medium Shoulder Bag 443496  2 300€ $2,980 £ 2,070 AU$ 4,000


According to Google exchange rates, currently 1€ equals 1,10 USD.

Here are the prices for the most popular size from this collection, a GG Marmont Flap Small Shoulder Bag (443497) retails for:

  • Italy: 2,000€
  • US: $2,550
  • UK: £ 1,800
  • Australia: AU$ 3,695

If you're visiting Europe from the United States, United Kingdom, or Australia, you'll find the price in Italy in your currency below.

is gucci marmont cheaper in italy


US Prices vs Italy prices for Gucci Marmont

Are you from the United States? Read on, as this price comparison will demonstrate the price difference between US prices and Italian prices for Gucci Marmont Small.

According to Google exchange rates, currently 1€ equals 1,10 USD.

is gucci cheaper in italy price comparison

Therefore, a GG Marmont Flap Small Shoulder Bag (443497) will cost you around 2,200 USD. Turns out, Gucci is indeed cheaper in Italy compared to the United States, as in the US the same item retails for $2,550. The difference is $350, almost 15%.

However, these are not your final savings! Read on to learn how you can save another 10-13% on the Gucci items!


UK Prices vs Price in Italy for Gucci Marmont

is gucci cheaper in italy price comparison vs uk

If you're going to Europe from the UK, you may wonder whether Gucci Marmont bags are cheaper there. Don't worry, we've got the answer.

Current exchange rate is 1 EUR to 0.86 GBP. That means that in Italy and European Union countries this Gucci Marmont bag is £1,715. Considering it's £ 1,800 in the UK, it turns out that Gucci is a bit cheaper in Italy, but not that much. You'll save around £85.


Gucci Marmont: Australia Prices vs Price in Italy 

is gucci cheaper in italy price comparison vs australia

1 euro currently equals 1,65 Australian dollars.

Turns out, a 2,000€ bag is AU $3,290.

Hence, a Gucci Marmont in Italy goes for AU $3,290, whereas its Australian price is around AU $3,695.

You savings are 499 AUD, or about $10% of the bag's price. Nice!


How to Save BIG On Gucci Bags

If the savings mentioned in this blog post don't seem enough for you, we've got 3 more ideas on how you can save big purchasing Gucci items.

1. Use your VAT refund

is gucci cheaper in italy how to save on gucci

Value-added tax (VAT) is a tax added to the price of most goods and services in Europe, including clothing, electronics, and souvenirs. As of July 2024, the VAT rate ranges from 17% to 27%, depending on the country. However, as a non-EU resident, you're eligible to claim a VAT refund on your eligible purchases.

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to claim a VAT refund in Europe:

Make eligible purchases

Not all purchases are eligible for a VAT refund. Eligible purchases are goods that you buy for personal or business use, and, in most cases, cost at least €175 per store per day. However, most Gucci items, even smaller items, such as wallets, fall into this requirement.

Also, they must be exported from the EU within three months of purchase, which is not a problem when you're visiting Italy for vacation.

Ask for a VAT refund form at the store

When making your eligible purchase, make sure to ask the seller for a VAT refund form, also known as a tax-free form or a detaxe form. The seller will fill out the form and give you a copy.

Get an export validation

Before leaving Europe, you need to get an export validation on your VAT refund form. To do this, find the customs desk at your final departure airport or port. Get your form and goods ready for inspection and validation. Once your form has been validated, you'll be good to go.

Get your refund

After getting your VAT refund copy stamped, you'll need to send your validated VAT refund form to a refund agency while you're still in the airport. This is the quickest way to get a VAT refund to your card. The agency will process your claim and send you the refund minus their commission, which ranges between 20% to 60%.

To sum up, if you're planning to do some shopping in Italy, make sure to claim a VAT refund on your eligible purchases. Follow our guide, and you'll get your VAT refund hassle-free. Happy shopping!

2. Shop at Gucci outlets

Gucci has outlets around the world. However, Gucci outlets and regular Gucci stores have some distinctive differences, primarily in terms of the products on offer. While regular Gucci stores offer the latest collections of the brand's products, including exclusive and high-end lines like GG Marmont, Gucci outlets usually have a limited stock of items from previous seasons and collections.

Gucci outlets in United States and Italy offer discounts from 10% to 80% off some collections.

The downside is that Gucci outlets are usually located in the suburbs or shopping centers, while the regular stores are more likely to be found in the luxury shopping districts of large cities. However, if you can save up to 50% off your coveted item's price, the hassle is definitely worth it.

In summary, while Gucci outlets and regular stores both sell Gucci products, outlets provide an opportunity to buy items from previous collections at discounted prices, while regular stores focus on introducing and selling new collections of exclusive Gucci items.

3. Shop preloved Gucci

Shopping for preloved Gucci items has several benefits, including cost savings, supporting sustainable fashion, and vintage appeal.

Here are some reasons why you might consider shopping preloved Gucci:

  • Cost savings: Preloved Gucci items are often available at lower prices than new ones, making it an affordable way to own a luxury brand. You could save up to 80% if the item's price.
  • Supporting sustainable fashion: According to a report by ThredUP, reselling a garment instead of disposing of it reduces its carbon footprint by up to 82%. By shopping preloved Gucci, you are choosing a sustainable fashion option that helps to reduce waste in the fashion industry and contribute towards a circular fashion economy.
  • Vintage appeal: Preloved Gucci items add a touch of vintage to your wardrobe that may not be available in current season collections. By owning a preloved Gucci item, you are gaining a piece with a unique history and story.

In conclusion, shopping for preloved Gucci items is a cost-effective, sustainable, and unique way to own luxury pieces that contribute towards a circular economy and the elimination of textile waste.



Gucci comes from Italy, and a lot of brand fans are wondering whether the brand is cheaper in their home country. In a lot of cases, it's true that Gucci is cheaper in Italy. In general, if you're visiting Europe on vacation and consider purchasing a purse there, it will be a sma you can save

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