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salvatore ferragamo sofia bag

Salvatore Ferragamo Sofia Bag Reference Guide

Introducing the Salvatore Ferragamo Sofia Bag – a masterpiece of design and elegance from the Italian fashion company called Salvatore Ferragamo. This staple handbag is a tribute to the legendary Italian actress, Sophia Loren, who has not only been a muse but also a loyal customer of the Ferragamo brand.

The Sofia Bag first made its debut in the Spring/Summer collection of 2009. The ad read:

Everlasting elegance. a masterpiece of craftsmanship and aesthetics transcending seasonal trends.

Made with great care, the Sofia Bag has a smooth and neat look that is both classic and modern. The front part of the bag has a special flap that locks with Ferragamo's famous Palladio Gancino clasp, which shows off the long history of the brand. It has a handle on top so you can carry it stylishly, and it also comes with a shoulder strap that you can take off or adjust, making it perfect for any look or event.

Inside, the Sofia Bag is designed to be super organized and efficient. It has a main zippered section and two extra pockets, all set up to make sure you can store your things neatly and easily reach them. This setup helps keep everything in order so you can find what you need without a mess, making your life a bit easier.

On the outside, there's another zippered pocket at the back of the bag. This smart addition means you can quickly grab things you often need without digging around. It shows that the design really thinks about making things easy for you, putting what you need right at your fingertips.

Talking about how it's made, the Sofia Bag includes side gussets. These not only make the bag look good but also keep it sturdy and in shape, even when it's empty. This, along with a protective bottom, makes sure the bag can stand up to use over time, keeping its look and strength.

Putting all these details together, from the inside out, the Sofia Bag is a well-thought-out piece. It blends practical needs with a stylish look, making it a standout choice among luxury handbags.

The main leather used for the Sofia bag is smooth calf leather. However, this high-end bag was often crafted in luxurious exotic leathers, such as python or alligator leather.

Available in four different sizes - Mini, Small, Medium, and Large - there's a Sofia Bag to suit every need and preference. Whether you're looking for a compact companion for your everyday essentials or a larger tote to carry more, the Sofia Bag accommodates all.

However, you should know that the Sofia Bag is no longer being made. It's not available in the official Salvatore Ferragamo stores but you can still find it online. Each bag not only showcases the brand's commitment to quality but also captures the timeless style of Sophia Loren.

Sofia Bag Price list (US)


Size (in)

Price (USD)

Salvatore Ferragamo Sofia Suede and Metal Mini Bag 6.6” H x 6.2” L x 2.9” W $1,650
Salvatore Ferragamo Sofia Small Bag 7.4” H x 10.6” L x 5.1” W $1,390
Salvatore Ferragamo Colorblock Sofia Small Bag $1,950
Salvatore Ferragamo Sofia Medium Bag 9” H x 14.5” L x 6.6” W $1,750
Salvatore Ferragamo Smooth Calf Leather Sofia Large Bag 9.8” H x 16.1” L x 7.4” W $1,990
Salvatore Ferragamo Colorblock Sofia Large Bag $2,350

Limited Editions in Exotic Leather

Salvatore Ferragamo Python Sofia Mini Bag $2,650
Salvatore Ferragamo Calfskin/Hayers Snake Sofia Small Bag $2,400
Salvatore Ferragamo Python Sofia Medium Bag $4,400
Salvatore Ferragamo Tan Alligator Sofia Large Bag $27,000

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