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TOP 5 Best Bag Organizers For Your Designer Bag From Amazon [2022]

TOP 5 Best Bag Organizers For Your Designer Bag From Amazon [2022]

Let's confess, we love luxury handbags, but they are not always the most convenient bags when it actually comes to use them. The real issue of many designer bags is the inner compartment. Usually there's only one big section to keep your belongings. 

Everyone experienced trouble like that at least once: coming back home and standing at their doorstep looking for the keys buried on the very bottom. Quite an annoying situation, isn't it? But there's a solution to help you keep everything in order. How? Well, that's what bag organizers were invented for! And here is our TOP 5 best bag organizers for your designer bag that you can buy on Amazon right now!

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What Is a Bag Organizer?

TOP 5 Best Bag Organizers from Amazon top view


A bag organizer is an accessory made from fabric designed to be placed inside a purse to protect the interior lining and keep your essentials in order.

Here are some useful features that make a bag organizer a modern must-have:

  1. No more mess, no more troubles with organizing your stuff: a bag organizer has plenty of pockets and sections.
  2. Farewell to damages, dirt and marks. Keys, pens, powder dust and lipstick won't ruin your lining or leather anymore. 
  3. Changing bags has never been easier! When you want to switch purses, you can simply take the organizer out.
  4. It gives your tote bag a structured shape. 
  5. It saves your time when you're looking for some item in your bag. When everything is in its place, it's way easier to find the necessary thing.
  6. It's light and practical. The bag organizer won't add much weight to your luxury purse and won't be seen by others.

The best thing about bag organizers is that they exist for almost every possible shape and size. We have picked our top 5 among numerous options, suitable for most designer purses. They are all available on Amazon and got thousands of excellent reviews.

Get ready to say goodbye to the usual mess in your designer bag!

The Best Bag Organizer For Speedy and Neverfull

TOP 5 Best Bag Organizers from Amazon best organizer for speedy or neverfull

This universal Speedy/Neverfull bag organizer is rightfully the bestselling accessory for a luxury purse on Amazon. With more than 8,000 reviews it already helped its creators make a little fortune.

Description: made of quality fabric, this bag organizer is both soft and sturdy. Featuring 3 exterior and 10 internal pockets, it is ideal to keep your essentials in order. The organizer exists in 12 colors and 6 sizes, suitable for different kinds of bags. The largest bag organizer is perfect for a Speedy 40 or a Neverfull GM. You can find the proper size for your purse. Here are the measurements:

  • Mini: 7.09" L x 2.75" H x 5.5" W
  • Medium: 9.25" L x 5.9" H x 5.1" W
  • Slender Medium: 11.2" L x 3.2" H x 6.5" W
  • Large: 11.4" L x 7.1" H x 5.9" W
  • Slender large: 13.78" L x 3.35" H x 5.9" W
  • Extra large: 13.4" L x 6.7" H x 7.1" W

Ideal to use while traveling, shopping or running errands. It will be a perfect match for this great LV Neverfull MM in Damier Azur we have in our store. In our consignment shop it is 100% authentic, but if you are planning to buy a pre-loved Neverful, check our guide on Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM: This Fake vs Real Comparison Will Blow Your Mind

What's unique about it: a long strap for keys and a detachable wallet pocket with a zipper (to store valuable things or documents).

Amazon price: depending on size the price range is from $16.88 to $29.88. Amazing value for money. Sometimes you can find a deal and even come across one under $13!



The Best Bag Organizer For Speedy and Neverfull with a Tumbler Pocket

TOP 5 bes bag organizers from Amazon organizer with a tumbler pocket

Elegant and functional, this bag organizer is ideal for students, office workers and travelers. Thanks to a special section you can have your favorite mug or a bottle of water around without spilling what's inside on the precious lining.

Description: a rectangular organizer with rounded edges softly shapes the silhouette of each bag without deforming it. 7 internal pockets of various sizes help to organize your essentials and keep them secure, as two of them have zippers. A large internal pocket is ideal for an iPad (be sure to check the size of your device). This bag organizer is represented in 6 colors from neutral beige or black to bright red or fuchsia and 5 sizes (the same as for the previous version, but without mini), that's why it can fit in many variations of Speedy, Neverfull or Graceful.

What's unique about it: zippers are made of good-quality metal and give the organizer a nice look. There is a special pocket to secure your tumbler or bottle inside the bag. The middle section is removable.

Amazon price: depending on size the price differs from $21.99 to $25.88. However, sometimes there are pretty special discounts. Check out the prices now.



The Best Bag Organizer for Alma PM/MM

top 5 best designer bag organizers arganizer for alma

Cute and durable, this bag organizer out of our TOP 5 best bag organizers is designed in the UK. Great for Alma PM/MM. If you're still looking for your first LV bag, check this gorgeous pre-loved Alma in Vernis leather or a bright yellow Alma in Epi in our store. By the way, if you are hesitating between Alma in vernis or in Epi, here is our detailed comparison. 


Description: a rectangular organizer with a total number of 13 pockets inside and outside and two zipped pockets on both sides to secure your essentials. Outer pockets located on both sides are divided into several compartments by stitching and can fit in your keys, phone, tissues, lip balm, gum, stationery and headphones that won't get mixed up. Top handles allow to insert the organizer in any bag effortlessly. Double stitching ensures durability. Available in 3 sizes, with the following measurements:

  • Small: 8.7" L x 5.9" H x (up to) 3.5" W
  • Medium: 11" L x 6.7" H x (up to) 3.9" W
  • Large: 13.4" L x 8.3" H x (up to) 6.3" W

What's unique about it: you can choose between 28 colors and patterns available and match the color of the purse or its interior. The bag organizer features top handles so that you can safely and quickly transfer all your belongings to another purse.

Amazon price: this one is a more affordable model compared to the 2 previous items, the price ranges from $7.99 to $10.99.



The Best Designer Backpack Organizer

top 5 best designer bag organizers best organizer for backpack


Not only classical feminine bags need an organizer, backpacks are truly black holes where it's easy to lose something forever. This stylish and lightweight organizer will help you keep your belongings in order.

Description: made of black nylon, this well-structured organizer is an ideal accessory for backpacks. It features 12 pockets, both exterior and interior. It will help you organize big items like a diary, an iPad, a planner, as well as small essentials like phones, pens, wallet, glasses and documents. A zipper pocket will keep your belongings secure. You will totally forget the usual mess you had in your backpack, there are even compartments for an umbrella and a bottle. The material is stain-resistant and easy to clean. Check the measurements of your backpack before purchasing. The size of the bag organizer is: 10.6" L x 13.8" H x 5.9" W. Would be perfect for a signature Louis Vuitton Bosphore backpack. And here is our Top 10 Best Designer Backpacks For Urban Commuters.

What's unique about it: the silhouette of the organizer resembles that of a backpack, with a tall back side and multiple pockets on the front. Two pockets on both sides to carry a bottle and an umbrella. There is a stretchable keychain, so you get to your keys without taking off the backpack.


Amazon price: there's only one model priced at $23.99.


The Best Organizer For Small Designer Bags

TOp 5 best desginer bag organizers best organizer for small purses

Small purses also need to be kept in order, because they are usually the most stuffed. 

Description: being of small size itself, this organizer is truly multi-functional. It protects your stuff and lining without deforming the shape of the bag. With the main compartment and 3 internal pockets it's easy to keep your phone and driving license away from cosmetics and creams. There are two models available: with and without a zipped pocket. Currently, the organizer is available  only in pastel beige color. You can choose between 3 different sizes:

  • Super mini: 5.3" L x 3.3" H x 1.6" W
  • Miniature: 7.4" L x 3.9" H x 1.9" W
  • Small: 9.4" L x 4.3" H x 2.3" W

The smallest organizer can fit in a GG Marmont, but be sure to properly measure your bag before ordering.

What's unique about it: the size! Finally, someone turned their attention to small luxury purses and their owners. This model features a zipper pocket for valuable stuff like documents and phone.

Amazon price: starting from $25.99 for super mini size and up to $33.99 for a small zipped model.



We hope you have enjoyed our top 5 best bag organizers for your designer bag and have already chosen one that will fit in your favorite purse so that your essentials are always in order. Do you use bag organizers? Share your experience in comments!

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