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Givenchy Antigona Reference Guide: A Great Everyday Bag

Givenchy Antigona Reference Guide: A Great Everyday Bag

We know, this search for an everyday bag never ends. But today we are going to make your life easier with our Givenchy Antigona reference guide as we'll be reviewing one of the most iconic bags of the Givenchy fashion house that can become your great everyday companion. 



Givenchy Antigona Description

Givenchy Antigona Reference Guide: A Great Everyday Bag givenchy antigona features

Elegant and chic, Givenchy Antigona is a dream bag of many women worldwide. The bag was first released in 2011, and immediately became Givenchy’s iconic bag. The name of the bag was inspired by the Greek goddess, Antigone, which means "unbending" and suits the purse very well. 

Givenchy Antigona has a trapezoid shape with a triangular Givenchy patch, silver hardware, a detachable shoulder strap and two top handles. Givenchy Antigona comes with two flat pockets and an interior zipper pocket. Antigona is available in multiple colors, including black (the most sought-after one!), beige camel, pink, storm gray, aubergine, powder, red, and a few more. 


Grained Leather vs Smooth Leather: Which Is Better?

Givenchy Antigona Reference Guide: A Great Everyday Bag grained vs smooth leather

Givenchy Antigona comes in various leathers, but there are 2 types that are the most popular and considered classic - grained (goatskin) and smooth (calfskin) leather. Antigona in smooth leather is shiny, durable, though it may show scratches more easily. Antigona in grained leather is less structured and sturdy than the one in smooth leather, so it can lose shape over time, and it is just a little heavier. I would say the choice really depends on your preferences. If you take good care of your Antigona, then both grained and smooth leather are durable and maintain structure well. If you need some tips, here is How to Store Your Designer Bags



Givenchy Antigona Sizes

Givenchy Antigona Reference Guide: A Great Everyday Bag givenchy antigona sizes

The Antigona handbag is available in four sizes:

Mini Givenchy Antigona

Length 8.5" x Height 8" x Depth 5"

Length 21 cm x Height 20 cm x Depth 13 cm

Small Givenchy Antigona 

Length 11" x Height 9.5" x Depth 5.5"

Length 28 cm X Height 22 cm X Depth 13 cm

Medium Givenchy Antigona 

Length 13" x Height 11" x Depth 7.5"

Length 33 cm x Height 28 cm x Depth 17 cm

Large Givenchy Antigona (discontinued) Length 12.5" x 18" x 8.5" Length 38 cm x Height 33 cm x Depth 24 cm


Depending on your preferences, you may opt for a mini bag which you can carry as a crossbody. By the way, if you are a fan of mini bags, here is our top of Best Designer Mini Bags That Deserve To Be In Your Collection and a video review!

If you are looking for a larger option, you can choose the small Antigona, which is the most popular size, and probably the most comfortable as many say that it is not that comfortable to zip and unzip the mini version. The medium Antigona is a great everyday bag that will fit everything you need, including a laptop. And a large Antigona, which is now discontinued, but you can still find it pre-loved, is a bag that is perfect for work and even travelling. 



What Does Givenchy Antigona Fit?

Givenchy Antigona Reference Guide: A Great Everyday Bag what fits inside

I believe everyone asks this question when thinking about purchasing a Givenchy Antigona.

Mini Antigona is the smallest bag in the collection and can fit your essential items like your purse, phone, keys, and some makeup. It won’t fit a bottle of water.

Small Antigona is a bit more spacious and will fit your phone, keys, purse, iPad, a notebook and a bottle of water. This is a perfect work bag if you do not have to carry your laptop.

Medium Antigona will fit a small laptop (no more than 13 inches), purse, phone, keys, notebook, makeup, a bottle of water, and a book.

And, finally, large Antigona can fit everything you need for work, including a laptop, or it can even be your perfect companion for a short weekend getaway. But be aware that it is hardly comfortable to use the large version as an everyday bag as it is quite heavy even when empty. 



Is Givenchy Antigona Heavy?

As the size of your Antigona bag increases, so does the weight! Expect Medium and Large Antigona to be pretty heavy even when they are empty (1.45 kg). Mini Antigona weighs about 630 g, and Small Antigona weighs 990 g. Keep in mind that the weight of the bag also depends on the material it is made from.



Givenchy Antigona Prices USA vs Europe

Here are the current prices for all the available sizes of Givenchy Antigona in the USA and Europe from the official Givenchy website

  USA prices Europe prices
Mini Givenchy Antigona $1,790 €1,290
Small Givenchy Antigona $2,290 €1,650
Medium Givnechy Antigona $2,450 €1,750



Is Givenchy Antigona Worth the Cost?

Givenchy Antigona Reference Guide: A Great Everyday Bag givenchy antigona model shot

Givenchy Antigona is an elegant handbag that is still in style and looks modern, though it was launched in 2011. Depending on the size, it can be a perfect practical everyday or work bag that will serve you a long time. 

As far as investment is concerned, Givenchy can't be called such a strong brand, compared to Chanel or Louis Vuitton, for example. So if you are looking for a real investment, better check out our TOP 10 Luxury Bags to Invest In or Why You Should Invest in Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM Right Now. But if you are buying a Givenchy Antigona for yourself with an intention to sell it afterwards, it may not be a bad choice providing that you take good care of the bag as resale website usually offer 35-40% off the current retail price, and it usually only rises. 

I hope our Givenchy Antigona reference guide was helpful, and now you are convinced as much as we are that this elegant purse is a great everyday bag if you are currently looking for one. Share your opinion in comments!


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