Top 5 Louis Viutton Work Messengers and Backpacks for Businessmen

Fashion has gone far beyond stereotypes and stopped being associated with women only. It's also a field where most artistic male designers and creative minds reveal true masterpieces. We all remember legendary Karl Lagerfeld, whose devotion and sense of beauty helped Chanel become one of the best luxury brands in history, we truly respect Marc Jacobs and his long tenure at the Louis Viutton fashion house. And of course, high-end brands and runway shows are not for women only - men's collections are as impressive, chic and stylish.

Here we are going to discuss the most important accessory for men: work bags. Why is it of high importance? Nothing can highlight your status better than a quality bag. Be it for work days at the office, one-day business trips or meetings, men need to organize their stuff (and it differs completely from what women keep in their purses!). Style also matters, for men a bag is not just an accessory to enjoy and fit a new dress but a practical item that should stand the test of time.

Here is our top 5 best Louis Viutton work messengers and backpacks for men. Each of them is a great example of elegant luxury, and can serve as a good gift (if you are looking for a good Christmas gift, check our list of best Louis Vuitton Christmas Gifts 2020)!



1. Louis Vuitton Roman Messenger Bag


Description and features: simple but elegant Roman is a perfect accessory for short trips and daily wear. From the first glimpse it might look like a square, but actually it has a rectangular shape. A long strap is not removable. You can adjust the length and carry it as a cross-body or on your shoulder. A flap closure with a hidden magnetic button opens up to one roomy compartment with a pocket that can fit an iPad (by the way, if you ever wonder which luxury bag can fit a laptop, check our list of best luxury women's laptop bags that fit a MacBook Pro 15"). Another big but flat pocket is found on the front of the bag, that can be perfect to slip documents in. There are two versions of the Roman bag that are slightly different, for example, the Roman bag of a bigger size has also a zipper pocket on the back.

Size and material: made of soft Taiga leather (cowhide), this bag is nevertheless durable. It was designed for a busy city life. It exists in different colors, but only in cold tones: black, blue marine, grey. The measurements of Roman PM: 10.6" L x 9.4" H x 3.1" W. A bigger version has the following measurements: 12.6" L x 10.2" H x 3.3" W. It makes it perfect to fit A4-sized documents.

Price: official retail price on the Louis Viutton website is $2,060 for a PM and $2,500 for an MM.

In our online shop you can find this practical bag in good pre-loved at a discounted price: a Roman PM Messenger in Navy Blue and a Black Taiga Roman MM Messenger



2. Louis Vuitton Andrei Mesenger Bag


Description and features: another luxury messenger bag made for busy and stylish people. Its minimalistic design makes it perfect for office dress code. At first sight, it might look exactly like the Roman bag, but it is actually quite different when it comes to details. A flap top is of the same height as the bag, and has a press stud closure on the bottom. Carrying items in this bag, you can be sure everything is safe and secure. Inside, there is a spacious compartment with one big flat pocket and a cell phone pocket. A strap is adjustable and allows to carry the bag both on the shoulder and as a crossbody. It exists in different neutral colors: black, brown, grey with no prints or decorations.

Size and material: the bag itself is crafted from embossed Taiga leather. The strap is made of canvas. The interior of Andrei is made of a quality textile lining. it is available in one size only with the following measurements: 11" L x 10" H x 3.75" W.

Price: available only as a pre-loved item. Price depends on condition. The official retail price was $2,310. But on we have a nice Louis Vuitton Dark Grey Andrei Messanger Bag for $899. 



3. Louis Vuitton Shelton Messenger Bag

Description and features: elegant and stylish, this bag would attract everyone's attention thanks to its Damier canvas print. It turns a neutral messenger bag into a high-end accessory. Compared to two above mentioned bags, Shelton can fit a laptop. Watch our video to see how it fits there!

It's perfect for daily wear and would be a perfect companion for business trips. Interior features four flat pockets to organize all your essentials and two holders for pens. A flap top opens uo to a secured zipped closure. Additional flat pocket is to be found under the flap closure. As most messenger bags it has an adjustable strap. Perfect for carrying MacBook 15" and laptops of less size. If you don't believe us, watch this video!

Size and material: crafted from historic Damier canvas, a signature material of the Louis Viutton fashion house. Trimmed with leather. Measurements: 15" L x 11" H x 3.5" W.

Price: available only at consignment stores and secondhand marketplaces. Price depends on condition. In 2013 the official retail price was $1,670. 

If you have already decided that this Louis Vuitton messenger bag is for you, we have a pre-loved Louis Vuitton Damier Canvas Shelton GM in almost excellent condition. 



4. Louis Vuitton Michael Backpack


Description and features: this backpack serves as a modern alternative to messenger bags. Backpacks are no longer associated with schoolchildren and students, it's a nice way to free your hands and be mobile in a big city. The Michael backpack is spacious with numerous pockets and compartments for carrying your essentials. The main zipped compartment features a padded pocket for a laptop. Additional zipped pockets on the front are big enought to fit in papers and documents. Designers added a top handle and two adjustable shoulder straps so that you can wear the backpack both in your hands or on the back. It can be used for small business trips, because its convenient and roomy.

Size and material: crafted from legendary and elegant Damier Graphite canvas. Trimmed with cowhide leather. Backpack is practical and modern. Measurements: 11" L x 17.7" H x 7.1" W.

Price: the official retail price on Louis Viutton website is $3,900.

At our cosignement online store you can find a Louis Vuitton Damier Graphite Michael Backpack for half the price!



5. Louis Vuitton Josh Backpack


Description and features: compact and stylish backpack for daily wear. Designed for active lifestyle, it can be used to runerrands around the city. Perfect for busy men who need to visit several places in one day but still want their essentials to be well-organized. The Josh backpack is lightweight but spacious. It's not designed to carry a big laptop but has a pocket for iPad inside. Its long round zipper makes belongings easily accessible. A pocket on the front allows to keep small stuff, like keys or wallet. It has a top handle for carrying backpack in hands and shoulder straps if you prefer to free them. Either in Damier Graphite or Monogram Macassar, it looks outstanding but yet very formal.

Size and material: crafted from Damier Graphite or Monogram Maassar coated canvas with cowhide leather trim. Interior lining and shoulder straps are made of textile. Measurements: 12.2" L x 16.5" H x 5.1" W.

Price: the official retail price on the Louis Viutton website is $1,950.


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