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Hermes Birkin Ostrich

  • $11,900.00
  • $22,000.00

Behold the ultimate dream bag! The Hermes Birkin is still the most sought-after, impossible-to-find, and collectible bag ever made. This exquisite bag is typically only seen on the arms of the fortunate few. Even celebrities find themselves on the infamous Hermes Birkin wait lists with the hope of one day owning this ultra-exclusive bag. The Hermes Birkin was created jointly between Hermes CEO Jean-Louis Dumas and the actress Jane Birkin for whom the bag is named after. Unlike other handbags, a single highly skilled craftsman works on one Birkin at a time with the construction of each Birkin bag consuming a whopping 18 hours. Birkin bags are investment quality luxury items meaning that they either hold or increase their value of time. The Birkin is a true timeless masterpiece that will become the crown jewel of your bag collection!

We will personally deliver this bag to Europe. US - please ask.

Measurements: 14" L x 7.5" W x 10.75" H

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Sings of wear: 

This is a used bag, please do not expect it to be perfect, however, it does not show wear (except for hardware). There is tarninshing on hardware. The bag has returned from spa (non-Hermes) last week (the handles & handle glazing were fixed)

Comes with: Hermes dustbag